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Joy Ward



  • Higher Ed: Science 


I am interested in understanding how global change factors influence the physiology, population structure, and evolution of plants. My laboratory group focuses on the effects of global change factors that alter plant resource availability, such as rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, changing precipitation regimes, and increasing temperatures. In addition to studying how global changes affect the population structure of future plants, we are also investigating how plants have responded to past global changes, such as during ice ages. The tools that we use span from those used in ecosystem ecology to modern molecular biology, and include both laboratory and field approaches. Furthermore, we also apply stable isotope techniques in order to make long-term linkages between resource-use by plants and climate. I have also had a long-term dedication to training the next generation of ecologists, and I work to mentor and support students from under-represented populations for entry into my field of study. 


Plant Physiological Ecology 


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