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Thomas Liao


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People often say that time flies when you are having fun. In my chosen profession, as a science and engineering educator, time really flew because I truly enjoyed helping my students, of all ages, to learn new ideas and concepts and more importantly, to learn how to learn and explore the modern technological world.

After 42 years of teaching, I am now a cyber-professor, looking forward to teaching a new E-learning online course. I spent the first ten years of my career, teaching Physics and Engineering Concepts at Brooklyn Technical HS and at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. After completing my doctorate in Science Education at Teachers College/Columbia University, in 1972, I came to Stony Brook University as an Assistant Professor and helped to create the Department of Technology and Society in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I was chairperson of the department for 15 years, from 1987-2002.

In 1978, we started a new MS degree in Applied Science and Edward Zero was one of the graduate students that I had the pleasure to advise. His masters project, the design and implementation of a nature trail for blind students, was one the best of the over four hundred projects that have been submitted in the past 30 years.

In my 30 plus years at Stony Brook University, I have had the opportunity to direct many NSF and New York State funded projects to enhance K-12 programs in Science and Technology Education. Earlier this year Ed and I collaborated on a multi-million dollar proposal for a new NSF initiative, the Mathematics Science Partnership (MSP) Program. If we are funded, we will be able to launch a five-program to help ten high needs school districts on Long Island to improve their middle school mathematics, science and technology programs.