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Mary Kostalos



  • Higher Ed: Science 


I retired in 2009 and am now an Emeritus Professor. I continue to teach part-time.I am an aquatic ecologist by training. I taught many of our ecology and environmental courses, including Ecology, Aquatic Biology, Toxicology, and Introduction to Environmental Issues. In addition, I teach a number of human health type courses such as Immunology, Nutrition, and Healthy Women. I also team-teach The Organism (part of the introductory Biology sequence) . In my upper level courses I like to have students read original research papers, both classic and current, along with the textbook. I also like to have students do independent lab projects as a part of the lab portion of my courses. I think this helps students learn about science as a process and also prepares them for their tutorials. Every student at Chatham has the opportunity to conduct a year-long research project (the tutorial) as a requirement in their senior year. I tend to supervise tutorial research in ecology and nutrition as well as some other areas. 


aquatic ecology 


Wylie, Kalyn, Michal-Lynn Gramby and Mary Kostalos. Inhibition of Bufo americanus tadpoles in the Nine Mile run Restoration Area, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. FROGLOG, Newsletter of the IUCN/SSc Amphibian Specialist Group. No. 91(March, 2009): 10-12.

Newell, Felicity L. and Mary S. Kostalos. 2007. Wood thrush nests in dense understory may be vulnerable to predators. The Wilson journal of Ornithology. 119(4): 693-702.

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