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DeAnn Huinker



  • Higher Ed: Education, Researcher 


DeAnn Huinker is a Professor of Mathematics Education and the Director of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She teaches courses in mathematics education with an emphasis on current issues and research on teaching and learning at the early childhood, elementary and middle school levels.

Dr. Huinker has directed numerous mathematics teacher leader projects through Wisconsin ESEA Title II grants. She currently directs a project on the development of teacher leaders for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. She conducts research on mathematics teaching, children's learning of mathematics, the preparation of teachers of mathematics, and the development of mathematics teacher leaders.

In addition to co-authoring the "Mathematics Assessment Sampler PreK-2" and "Navigating through Number and Operations in Grades 3-5," both published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, she chaired the Editorial Panel of Teaching Children Mathematics and served as the department editor of "Supporting Teacher Learning." Dr. Huinker was president of the Milwaukee Area Mathematics Council, and served as the journal editor of Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics. She received the Wisconsin Distinguished Mathematics Educator Award from the Wisconsin Mathematics Council in 2008.

Dr. Huinker earned an M.A. in Mathematics for Elementary and Middle Schools at the University of Northern Iowa and an Ed.D. in Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 


Mathematics teaching and learning at the early childhood, elementary school, and middle school levels; Mathematics teacher preparation; Children's development of mathematical knowledge 


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