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Rich Conant



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Dr. Richard Conant's research focuses on understanding the feedbacks between human activities and ecosystem biogeochemistry. Specifically, he is interested in how land use and land management practices impact carbon and nitrogen cycling in agricultural and grassland ecosystems. He believes that knowledge about the relationship between human activities and ecosystem ecology can empower policy makers to make wise decisions with respect to biogeochemistry and ecosystem services. He is involved in efforts to develop indicators of ecological condition for ecosystems close to home and contributes to state, national, and international efforts to develop tools to accurately quantify human impacts on the carbon cycle. Dr. Conant has been at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory in the Warner College of Natural Resources since earning his Ph.D at Arizona State University in 1997. He is the Assistant Director of Research for CSU's new School of Global Environmental Sustainability. 


carbon cycle; decomposition 


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