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Josefina Arce



  • Higher Ed: Science 


Ms Arce received her BS in Chemistry, magna cum laude, and her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Rio Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. She has been Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin with Marye Anne Fox's group and has collaborated with the Education Groups of Lillian McDermott at the University of Washington at Seattle and George Bodner's at Purdue. She has been part of the Chemistry Department of UPR-Rio Piedras since 1978 where she is currently Professor. Has published her research work in physical organic chemistry in journals like the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Journal of Organic Chemistry and since 1990 she has been more involved in the science education at all levels. She has been PI of two NSF-funded projects: PR-Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation and PR- Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education. At present she is PI of the Puerto Rico Math and Science Partnership (or AlACiMa, for its Spanish acronym) and of the Puerto Rico Master Math Teachers Program. Her education work has been published in the Journal of Chemical Education; she is principal author of a General Chemistry Laboratory manual in Spanish published in 2000 by McGraw Hill.