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Keith Sheppard



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Keith Sheppard is Director of Science Education at Stony Brook University and an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Prior to arriving at Stony Brook in 2007, Dr. Sheppard was the Program Coordinator for Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University with direct responsibility for Science Teacher Preparation programs.

Dr. Sheppard's research activities include studying the historical development of the science curricula, investigating teachers' conceptual understanding of science and the learning of science in informal educational settings. He is widely published in the field of science education and recent articles can be found in the Journal of Chemical Education, The Physics Teacher and CBE-Life Sciences Education.

Dr. Sheppard holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Materials Science from Liverpool University UK, is a certified chemistry and physics teacher and holds a doctoral degree in Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He has taught physics and chemistry in high schools in Europe, Africa and the USA. 


Science Education 


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