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Paul Goldenberg



  • Teacher: Mathematics, Researcher 


Dr. Goldenberg has over forty years of experience in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary teaching, teacher education, teacher enhancement, and education research and has, throughout, focused heavily on developing students' and teachers' mathematical curiosity along with their ideas, skills, and understanding. He is widely published and has conducted workshops and seminars on a variety of topics in mathematics education, often focusing on the beautiful surprises that mathematics holds, and the creative element of problem-posing in deep mathematics. He holds the rank of Distinguished Scholar at Education Development Center (EDC), and has been PI on many NSF-funded materials development projects including: Think Math!, a comprehensive K-5 mathematics program that supports teachers' professional development while they teach by building their interest in and curiosity about mathematics; materials for secondary teacher professional development; a Web-accessible, searchable resource of problem sets "with a point" for secondary level mathematics; and an innovative high-school geometry curriculum now incorporated into the (Pearson) "CMEP Mathematics" series. He has also directed research on learning with technologies including geometry software, graphing software, and programming; research on college students' learning of linear algebra; and research on the principles for developing curriculum materials (for students) that promote the professional development of teachers. He has studied mathematics, psychology, and education at Brandeis and Harvard, and has spent nearly two decades in classroom teaching-from his own second grade self-contained classroom through high school and university. 


Curriculum design in mathematics, K-12; mathematics teaching 


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