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Dixie King




Dixie L. King, Ph.D. received her doctorate in cultural anthropology from UCLA in 1996. She has specialized in the evaluation of primary prevention and intervention programs, substance abuse treatment, and integrated service delivery systems for over 22 years. Dr. King has consulted on both national and state projects to provide training in primary prevention, curriculum delivery, data collection methodologies, fidelity assessment, group facilitation skills, leadership development, conflict management, and cultural diversity in both educational and health-related settings. She also has extensive experience in training agency personnel in how to work effectively with evaluators (1) to elicit data that provide relevant information to decision-makers about whether and how to make program changes (formative evaluation), and (2) to formulate a research design that demonstrates the impact of programs and services on target populations (summative evaluation). In 1997, Dr. King founded Transforming Local Communities, Inc. Today her company provides research, evaluation and training services to school districts and public agencies throughout California.  


program evaluation; grant writing and project administration; community partnership and school-based service delivery programs; community needs assessment, substance abuse prevention; staff development and support; youth development and enrichment programs; violence reduction and conflict mediation; leadership and diversity training; mentoring and professional enrichment 


Madhavappallil, T., V. Kohli, and D.L. King.
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