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Nancy Shapiro



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Science, Higher Ed: Education, Higher Ed: Other 


Nancy S. Shapiro (Ph.D), Associate Vice Chancellor for Education and Outreach at the University System of Maryland. As the USM director of PreK-16 partnerships, she works with twelve institutions of the University System of Maryland, two-year colleges and K-12 schools to foster critical partnerships and learning communities to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Maryland. Over the past five years she has been the PI and project director for several federal projects totaling over $30 million dollars from the US Department of Education and NSF that address teacher quality issues. She has served on the NCATE Board of Examiners, the Fielding Graduate University Board, the editorial board of Liberal Education, Communication Education, and National Learning Communities Project as a Fellow. 


K-16 and Higher Education Policy
College Readiness
Teacher Education
School-University Partnerships
STEM Education Policy
Learning Communities
English Composition and Rhetoric 


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