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Julie Cook



  • Higher Ed: Education, Teacher: Science, Teacher: High School 


Born in Mid-west Dairy farm. Moved to East coast for High School and back to mid-west for College. Started teaching High School Science in 1973 -- left after 10 years and finished a degree in nursing. Expertise there is in NICU and infection control. Finished PhD in Science Ed and taught for Ohio State for several years moved back home to help parents and went back to the public school classroom where I have been for the past 11 years putting my money where my mouth was as a college professor of education.

Once back in the classroom, I have come to realize that students today have vastly different needs in the classroom from students when I was in school. Today students live in a 2 dimensional world of computer screens and video games. The common experiences (like playing with rocks in the creek or moving hay bales with pendulems) that help build concepts cognitively are no longer there. So I have become a big supporter of using 3-Dimensional models for individual students to help give them the experiences they need to support the development of abstract concepts in my class. I have also had to go back to school on my own to try to keep up with the new huge body of knowledge in science. I create a lot of models or kits for students to build models in my classes. 


Biology with emphasis in human biology and health related issues and also in Environmental Education. 


State projects for 4-7th grade on Environmental Ed. Habitat packs for Prairies, Forests, Water sheds.

Contributer for third book in Series by Project WET(Discover a Watershed: The Missouri) published in 06 to coincide with the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery.