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Marisa Pedulla



  • Higher Ed: Science 


1998 Ph.D. Biology University of Pittsburgh

1990 B.S. Chemistry w/ Bioscience Option University of Pittsburgh 


Bacteriophage isolation and genomics 


Stewart CR, Casjens SR, Cresawn SG, Houtz JM, Smith AL, Ford ME, Peebles CL, Hatfull GF, Hendrix RW, Huang
WM, Pedulla ML. (2009) "The Genome of Bacillus subtilis Bacteriophage SPO1." J Mol Biol. 388: 48-70.

Pham T.T., Jacobs-Sera D., Pedulla M.L., Hendrix R.W., and Hatfull G.F. (2007) "Comparative genomic analysis of
mycobacteriophage Tweety: evolutionary insights and construction of compatible site-specific integration vectors for mycobacteria." Microbiology, 153: 2711-23.

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Hatfull, G.F., Pedulla, M.L.; Jacobs-Sera, D.; Cichon1, P.M.; Foley, A.; Ford, M.E.; Gonda, R.M.; Houtz, J.M.; Hryckowian, A.J.; Kelchner, V.A.; Namburi, S.; Pajcini, K.V.; Popovich, M.G.; Schleicher, D.T.; Simanek, B.Z.; Smith, A.L.; Zdanowicz, G.M.; Kumar, V.l; Peebles, C.L.; Jacobs Jr., W.R.; Lawrence, J.G.; & Hendrix, R.W.; (2006) Exploring the mycobacteriophage metaproteome: Phage genomics as an educational platform. PLoS Genet 2(6): e92. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.0020092.