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Kyle Admire



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics 


I teaches 8th grade math and one class of 6th grade Social Studies. I have been teaching for four years three in Hale Center and one in Olton. I have a certification to teach any core curriculum (reading, writing, social studies, and math) class from 4th to 8th grade. I received a Master of Education for Wayland Baptist University, and learned the basic of life in four years with the United State Marines Corps.

I was born in Dumas, TX and raised in Lubbock, TX. I got out of the Marines in 1999 and married my wife Tonya. We now have 5 children Taylor, Katie, Kyler, Aubrey, and Shyanna. If I am not in my class room you will find me at church, on the golf course, or let be honest playing my PS2. If I have one thing to say it would Romans 10:9 in the Bible, look it up and tell me what you think.


I am what some people call a "power user" of technology. I love trying to incorporate technology in my lessons and assessments. To see more go to my class website: