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Rowena Douglas



  • K-12 Administrator 


Rowena has had a distinguished career in science education and professional development. After starting out as a high school teacher, she studied science education at the University of Cincinnati and served as the State Science Supervisor for the State of Ohio. From there she went to the National Science Foundation as a program director where she developed and administered teacher enhancement programs, local change initiatives, retention and renewal programs and instructional materials development for K-8 science, technology and mathematics and directed the White House's Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Program. At the National Science Teachers Association she became the Assistant Executive Director and the Director, Professional Development Department where she developed a broad-based professional development component across all NSTA programs and products, acted as Project Director for $7.5 million National Science Foundation grant for New Science Teacher Academy online mentoring program, developed a revenue-generating professional development business including face-to-face professional development institutes, research dissemination conferences and a fee-based Science Program Improvement Review (SPIR) for school districts and led National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and directed revised Standards for Teacher Preparation. Most recently she was Deputy Director of National Science Resources Center (NSRC), part of the Smithsonian Institution/National Academies, Washington, DC where she oversaw design, development and evaluation of external relations and outreach programs for the Building Awareness of Science Education Center, the Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform Center and the Professional Development Center and she initiated science education reform programs nation-wide by planning and implementing a 2009 National Strategic Planning Institute drawing on 87 science, business, community and education leaders representing 1.8 million K-12 students.