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Shannon LaDeau



Shannon LaDeau received her Ph.D. in ecology at Duke University in 2005, where she investigated forest response to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Bioinformatics from the National Science Foundation in 2008, at The Ohio State University Program in Spatial Statistics and Environmental Sciences and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center at The National Zoo in Washington, DC. LaDeau's research continues to focus on evaluating how ecological communities respond to global change challenges, including climate, habitat loss, and emergent pathogens. Her current work s focused on examining the spatio-temporal drivers of West Nile amplification in avian hosts and the heterogeneous impacts and demographic consequences of hemlock wooly adelgid in northeastern forests..




LaDeau, S.L., P.P. Marra, Kilpatrick, A.M, and C.A. Calder. 2008. West Nile virus revisited: Consequences for North American ecology. BioScience. 58(10): 937-946.

LaDeau, S.L., Kilpatrick, A.M, and P.P. Marra. 2007. Continental declines in bird populations and the emergence of West Nile virus. Nature 447(7145): 710-714