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08/04/092009 USM STEM Symposium proceedingsVIP K-16In The Press, Papers and Reports, Presentations
11/16/16Dual Enrollment in Science: Paving the way for college STEM degreesMinority Student Pipeline MSPIn The Press, Papers and Reports
04/06/12Minority Student Pipeline MSP (MSP)2Minority Student Pipeline MSPPresentations
11/16/16Minority Student Pipeline MSP Project Outcomes ReportMinority Student Pipeline MSPPapers and Reports
01/04/07Networking Among VIP K-16 ParticipantsVIP K-16Papers and Reports
08/04/05Vertically Integrated Partnerships K-16 Report for Year 3 (October 2004 - September 2005)VIP K-16Papers and Reports
09/21/06VIP K-16 Year 4 ReportVIP K-16Papers and Reports