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05/20/16Curriculum and Community Enterprise for the Restoration of New York Harbor through New York City Public SchoolsCurriculum and Community Enterprise for New York Harbor Restoration in New York City Public SchoolsVideos
05/13/15Enhancing Understanding of Concepts and Practices of Science (EUCAPS)ED MSP ProgramVideos
09/26/13Identifying Measures For Evaluating Changes In Teacher Practice, Teacher And Student Attitudes And Beliefs, And SustainabilityTechnical Evaluation Assistance in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS)Presentations
06/27/13The Earth ScientistThe Middle Grades Earth and Space Science Education PartnershipIn The Press, Papers and Reports
11/19/12Perspectives on Deepening Teachers' Mathematics Content Knowledge: The Case of the Milwaukee Mathematics PartnershipMilwaukee MSPIn The Press, Papers and Reports
04/06/12SF Bay Integrated Middle School Science (IMSS) PartnershipSF Bay Integrated Middle School Science ProjectPresentations
04/06/12TASEL-M2TASEL-M Phase 2Presentations
04/06/12ACES: Algebraic Concepts for Elementary StudentsMathematical ACESPresentations
02/09/12Virginia House and Senate ResolutionPreparing Virginia's Mathematics SpecialistIn The Press
02/09/12Virginia House and Senate ResolutionMathematics Specialist Partnership InstituteIn The Press
09/15/10Edee Wiziecki, Jay Mashl give talk on ICLCS to Monash University, AustraliaInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)In The Press
02/12/10MTTI Summer 2009 NewsletterMath Teacher Transformation InstitutePapers and Reports
07/03/08Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP--A Longitudinal Perspective: A Year 4 RETA ReportEffect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP: A Longitudinal PerspectivePapers and Reports
05/16/08The Effectiveness of a Summer Program to Attract Minority Students into Mathematics and Science Teaching, their Attitudes towards Science, Mathematics and Teaching, and their Decision to Attend CollegePRISMPapers and Reports
10/18/07Middle school shows off science skills for NSF headAppalachian MSPIn The Press
05/17/07Focus on Math: Summer Institutes 2007Focus on MathematicsPapers and Reports
10/05/06How Valid Are Self-Report Survey Data Obtained from School District Personnel?Milwaukee MSPPapers and Reports
10/03/06The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership: A path model for evaluating teacher and student effectsMilwaukee MSPPapers and Reports
05/25/06NSF-MSP Summer Institute 2005 - Preparing Mathematics Specialists Masters Program offered by VCU, UVA & NSUPreparing Virginia's Mathematics SpecialistPapers and Reports
04/11/06Taking a Distributed Perspective in Studying School Leadership and Management: Epistemological and Methodological Trade-offsDistributed Leadership for Middle School Mathematics Education: Content Area Leadership Expertise in PracticePapers and Reports
02/15/06Leading and Planning a Professional Development ProgramTeachers And Scientists CollaboratingPapers and Reports
09/13/05MSP Workshop: Making the Transition, Oct 28-30, 2005Facilitating Mathematics/Science PartnershipsPapers and Reports
08/17/05Causal Inference in the Instructional Workforce: Annual ReportCausal Inference in Instructional Workforce ResearchPapers and Reports
09/15/04MSP Workshop: Higher Education in MSP Partnerships: Learning, Assessment, and Teacher Education, December 5-7, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science PartnershipsPapers and Reports
02/19/04MSP Workshop: How People Learn - March 7-9, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science PartnershipsPapers and Reports