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Engineering Design in the Classroom: The EngrTEAMS Curriculum Project EngrTEAMS
Watch Video >> The Next Generation Science Standards and many state standards documents call for teachers to use engineering design to teach science in the classroom. The EngrTEAMS project is…   more >

In The Press

Dual Enrollment in Science: Paving the way for college STEM degrees (MSP)2

To address the representation gap in the sciences, a partnership...   

The Beauty and Joy of Computing in the Big Apple Rigorous

"It is easy to think the study of computer science...   

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Research on the Development of Computational and Systems Thinking in Middle School Students through Explorations of Complex Earth Systems Building Systems

from Scratch project is using multiple cycles of design-based research...   

LTEC: Learning Trajectories for Integrating K-5 Computer Science and Mathematics K-5 CS and Math

The University of Chicago's Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science...   

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Papers and Reports

Minority Student Pipeline MSP Project Outcomes Report (MSP)2

Through professional development opportunities for teachers, teaching experiences for undergraduates,...   

Symbiosis in the Soil: Citizen Microbiology in Middle and High School Classrooms Students Discover

"Microorganisms are vital to environmental health, yet their association with...   

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TEAMS Presentations at the 2015 AEA Conference in Chicago, IL in November TEAMS

TEAMS staff will be presenting several sessions at the American...   

Publications associated with EngrTEAMS EngrTEAMS

This page lists all papers and presentations associated with the...   

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