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04/19/12Towards Coherence in Science Instruction: A Framework for Science LiteracyPROM/SE
04/19/128+1 Science VideoPROM/SE
04/19/12PROM/SE: The Quest for CoherencePROM/SE
04/06/12Investigating the Relationships among Professional Development Strategies, Science Teacher Content Knowledge, Classroom Practice, and Student LearningAIM: K-8 Science
04/06/12Localizing Teacher Leadership Expertise in AppalachiaAppalachian MSP
04/06/12Arizona Teacher initiative: Institute for Mathematics and EducationArizona Teacher Institute
04/06/12Supporting Teachers and Students in A TIME for Physics FirstA TIME for Physics First in Missouri
04/06/12ATOMS: Advancing Teaching Opportunities for Math and ScienceATOMS Advancing Teaching of Math and Science
04/06/12BEST: Using Energy as a Cross-Cutting Concept to Teach More EffectivelyBoston Energy in Science Teaching (BEST)
04/06/12Deepening Effective Teaching through the Science Education FellowshipBoston Energy in Science Teaching (BEST)
04/06/12Boundary Crossing Teams in support of Math and Science Excellence in Our School SystemsBoundary Crossing Teams in Support of Math and Science Excellence
04/06/12Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Mathematics and Science ProgramCEEMS: The Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Mathematics and Science Program
04/06/12Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes (CTTI) Effective Teaching through Teacher Leadership, Content Understanding, and Pedagogical TrainingChicago Transformation Teacher Institutes
04/06/12College ReadyCollege Ready
04/06/12Entrepreneurial Leadership in STEM Teaching and LearningEnLiST
04/06/12Focus on Mathematics (FoM): a Math and Science Partnership (MSP) funded by the National Science Foundation in 2003, devoted to improving student achievement in mathematics.Focus on Mathematics
04/06/12Focus on Mathematics, Phase II: Assessing Mathematical Habits of Mind for TeachingFocus on Mathematics, Phase II: Learning Cultures for High Student Achievement
04/06/12Kansas MSP: Enhancing Science Education through Inquiry-Based Learning in EcologyGlobal Environmental Change and Local Ecosystems
04/06/12Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership - Phases I and II ResearchGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership Phase II Research
04/06/12HR-PAL: Hampton Roads Partnership for AlgebraHR-PAL: Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra
04/06/12Impact of Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Professional Development on the Quality of Instruction in Middle-School Mathematics ClassroomsImpact of MSP Professional Development on the Quality of Instruction in Middle-School Mathematics & Science Classrooms
04/06/12Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science: Measuring teacher effectiveness in using computational tools and student-centered methods in high school chemistry.Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
04/06/12LEADERS: PBS, Collaboration and Impacts on STEM TeachingLEADERS: Leadership for Educators: Academy for Driving Economic Revitalization in Science
04/06/12Louisiana Math and Science Teacher InstituteLouisiana Math and Science Teacher Institute
04/06/12Maine PSP: A Partnership to Enhance Teaching and Learning of Physical Science in Rural Schools, Grades 6 through 9Maine Physical Sciences Partnership
04/06/12Maine's Energy Future, Maine's Education FutureMaine's Energy Future, Maine's Educational Future
04/06/12ACES: Algebraic Concepts for Elementary StudentsMathematical ACES
04/06/12Mathematically Connected Communities - Leadership Institute for Teachers (MC2-LIFT)Mathematically Connected Communities - Leadership Institute for Teachers
04/06/12MSP Knowledge Management and Dissemination ProjectMathematics Specialist Partnership Institute
04/06/12Math Specialists Coach & Support Effective Math InstructionMathematics Specialist Partnership Institute
04/06/12Mathematics Infusion in Science Project (MiSP)--Phase 2 MSPMath Infusion into Science Project Phase II
04/06/12Developing effective math teaching: Assessing content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and student successMath Teacher Transformation Institute
04/06/12The Mathematics Teacher Leadership Center Explores the Role of Culture in Effective Mathematics TeachingMath TLC
04/06/12Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP): A Model for Improving Earth Science Education NationwideMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
04/06/12Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership, Phase I and IIMilwaukee MSP
04/06/12Minority Student Pipeline MSP (MSP)2Minority Student Pipeline MSP
04/06/12MOSART II: Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resources for TeachersMisconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers (MOSART) Phase II
04/06/12Mobilize: Mobilizing for Innovative Computer Science Teaching and LearningMOBILIZE: Mobilizing for Innovative Computer Science Teaching and Learning
04/06/12MOSART-LS: Misconceptions Oriented, Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers in the Life SciencesMOSART-LS
04/06/12Poster for "MSPinNYC2"MSPinNYC2 -- MSP in New York City 2
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