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05/20/04Adding Value to the MSP EvaluationsAdding Value to MSP Evaluations
05/20/04Alternative Approaches to Evaluating STEM Education Partnerships: A Review of Evaluation Methods and Application of an Interorganizational ModelAlternative Approaches to Evaluating STEM Education Partnerships
05/20/04Assessing Teacher Learning About Science Teaching (ATLAST)Assessing Teacher Learning About Science Teaching
05/20/04Evaluation Capacity Building for STEM/MSP ProjectsBuilding Evaluation Capacity
05/20/04Empirical Study of the Effects of Professional Development on Improving Mathematics and Science InstructionLongitudinal Design
05/20/04Building From the Research: Test Design for K-12 Science AchievementEnvisioning Quality Science Assessments
05/20/04Facilitating Mathematics/Science PartnershipsFacilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
05/20/04Thinking About Mathematics Instruction (TMI) A Study Of Elementary And Middle School Principals' Leadership Content KnowledgeLeadership Content Knowledge and Math Instructional Quality
05/20/04Learning Mathematics for Teaching - Conference Presentation 2004Learning Mathematics for Teaching
05/20/04Tools for the Evaluation of Motivation-Related Outcomes of Math and Science InstructionMSP Motivation Assessment Program
05/20/04MSPnet An Electronic Learning NetworkTERC MSPnet
05/20/04Online Technologies to Enhance MSP Teacher Quality ProgramsOnline Technologies to Enhance MSPs
05/20/04Redesign of the Advanced Placement Program (AP) Biology Course, Examination, and Teacher Professional Development ExperienceRedesign of the AP
05/20/04Study of Teacher Induction in MSPsResearch on MSP Teacher Recruitment, Induction, Retention
05/12/04Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) Instrument Dissemination Workshop - June 18Learning Mathematics for Teaching
05/12/04MSP Workshop: How People Learn - June 27-29, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
05/11/04Pilot Study of Experience Sampling MethodologyDeveloping Distributed Leadership
05/11/04Distribued Leadership websiteDeveloping Distributed Leadership
04/20/04Teachers translate summer internships into class lessonsSTARK County MSP
04/20/04Learning About LearningEl Paso
04/16/04Challenging math and "fun" not mutually exclusiveIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
04/08/04Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership grant awarded by NSFMilwaukee MSP
04/05/04Performance Measurement in Public-Private Partnerships: Learning from Praxis, Constructing a Conceptual ModelAlternative Approaches to Evaluating STEM Education Partnerships
04/05/04Teaching the Math TeachersMSPGP
03/25/04Institute for Advanced Study receives NSF grant for math-science projectIAS/PCMI
03/25/04MSP Workshop - Assessment of Student Learning - May 16-18, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
02/19/04MSP Workshop: How People Learn - March 7-9, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
02/10/04Linked IU courses for pre-service secondary teachersIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
02/10/04NSF Strategic Planning PresentationNew Jersey MSP
01/23/04Boston University, EDC Partnership is Awarded $10 Million to Improve Mathematics Teaching, Curricula in Grades 5-12Focus on Mathematics
01/22/04National Science Foundation Awards $12.5 million Grant to La Salle University-led Partnership to Improve Region's Math and Science EducationMSPGP
01/22/04National Science Foundation Awards $11.5 Million Grant To Hofstra University To Improve Long Island Middle School Achievement In MathematicsMSTP
01/22/04Allegheny Intermediate Unit Awarded $18 Million NSF Math Science Partnership GrantMSP of SW Pennsylvania
01/22/04MSU, Partners Receive $35 Million To Improve Science And Math EducationPROM/SE
01/22/04MISE Awarded Grant from the National Science FoundationCAMS
01/22/04Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership GrantMilwaukee MSP
01/22/04Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)PRISM
01/22/04NSF awards $9 million grant to East Alabama math partnershipTEAM-Math
01/22/04NSF Grant to Advance Washington's Science EducationNCOSP
01/20/04East Alabama Partnership To Improve Math Education CreatedTEAM-Math
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