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01/21/05Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership Holds Four Public SessionsGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
01/21/05Definition of Mathematics SpecialistsPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
12/03/04Science Facilitator Wins AwardNC-PIMS
12/01/04NSF grant to improve middle school mathGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
11/16/04Workshop: Use of Online, Web-based Data Tools for MSP Evaluation and Alignment AnalysisLongitudinal Design
11/05/04Introductory PresentationTERC MSPnet
11/04/04Math and Science Teachers Take Turn in Business WorldSTARK County MSP
11/04/04Stark teachers become studentsSTARK County MSP
11/04/04Teachers gain "real world" lessons: Program builds bridge of math, science skills from classroom to businessSTARK County MSP
10/20/04Mathematics and Science Partnership Graduates First StudentsCleveland MSP
10/20/04$12.5m Grant Offers Teachers a Science PrimerBoston Science Partnership
10/20/04Spanish-English Dictionary for MathematicsTASEL-M
10/20/04Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) Instrument Dissemination Workshop- Nov. 12, 2004Learning Mathematics for Teaching
10/14/04Appalachian MSP Research and Evaluation Strand: Request for ProposalsAppalachian MSP
10/13/04Evidence: An Essential Tool Meeting AgendaBuilding Evaluation Capacity
09/28/04What Is the Mathematical Knowledge Needed for Teaching: An Interactive ConferenceMilwaukee MSP
09/23/04Grande achievement - IMI School Rio Grande Elementary wins national honorIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
09/21/04School Is Not Out for Some Math TeachersMilwaukee MSP
09/21/04Math Teacher Leaders Learn to Coach Others, Improve SchoolMilwaukee MSP
09/21/04IHE Network Conference to Help Teachers Solve a Math ProblemMilwaukee MSP
09/17/04MSP Workshop: Teacher Education for Effective Teaching and Learning, February 6-8, 2005Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
09/15/04MSP Workshop: Higher Education in MSP Partnerships: Learning, Assessment, and Teacher Education, December 5-7, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
09/08/04Report of 1st Project Advisory Committee Meeting, February 21-22, 2004Redesign of the AP
09/08/04Report of 2nd Project Advisory Committee Meeting, July 10-11, 2004Redesign of the AP
08/31/04MSP-Motivation Assessment Program First Year ReportMSP Motivation Assessment Program
08/31/04MSPnet Strategic PlanTERC MSPnet
08/31/04MSPnet Proposal NarrativeTERC MSPnet
08/31/04MSPnet Advisory Board MeetingTERC MSPnet
08/17/04NC-PIMS Progress Slide ShowNC-PIMS
08/09/04Pike Township Schools Participate in Indiana Mathematics Initiative PilotIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
08/05/04Online Professional Development for Teachers Quick TourOnline Technologies to Enhance MSPs
07/23/04Math No Problem For These KidsFocus on Mathematics
07/21/04Appalachian Mathematics Science Partnership (AMSP) 2003-2004 Evaluation ReportAppalachian MSP
07/20/04Handbook for Enhancing Strategic Leadership in the Math and Science PartnershipsKnowledge Management and Dissemination
07/20/04Math Program Adds UpIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
06/30/04Leadership Content KnowledgeLeadership Content Knowledge and Math Instructional Quality
06/30/04Leadership Content KnowledgeLeadership Content Knowledge and Math Instructional Quality
06/16/04The Turing Test: A New Approach to Evaluating Investments in Educational Capacity and InfrastructureAppalachian MSP
06/10/04MSP Workshop: Teacher Education for Effective Teaching and Learning - Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2004Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
06/02/04Mathematics Partnership Grant Strengthens Math Teaching and LearningMilwaukee MSP
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