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06/01/05Schools as Communities of LearnersPuerto Rico MSP
06/01/05Preservice, Induction, and Certification ComponentPuerto Rico MSP
06/01/05Empowering Schools ComponentPuerto Rico MSP
05/26/05Presentation to the PRMSP National Advisory Board Overview of Year OnePuerto Rico MSP
05/04/05MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPsAdding Value to MSP Evaluations
05/04/05MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPsBuilding Evaluation Capacity
05/04/05MSP Workshop: Higher Education in MSP Partnerships, June 26-28, 2005Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
05/03/05It's not your father's math class anymoreIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
05/02/05Students Pick up Math ExpertiseFocus on Mathematics
04/28/05Elementary Teachers' Understanding of Standards-Based Light Concepts Before and After InstructionAppalachian MSP
04/13/05Plan of Action for Implementing the SCALE Quality Indicator SystemAdding Value to MSP Evaluations
04/13/05Organizational Mapping: The form and function of a K-20 partnership for improvement of mathematics and science teachingSCALE
04/13/05LAUSD Mathematics Teacher and Coach Focus Groups: Views of District Instructional Guidance from the Field: SCALE RET Case Study reportSCALE
04/13/05District Case Studies Evaluation DesignSCALE
04/08/05Highlights from the SCOLLARCITY 2004 Annual ReportSCOLLARCITY
04/07/05Math Teachers Go Back to SchoolFocus on Mathematics
03/22/05Effects of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Elementary School Standards Reform in an Underperforming California DistrictMathematical ACTS
03/16/05Effects of Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching on Student AchievementLearning Mathematics for Teaching
03/07/05Osman Yasar's Congressional TestimonySCOLLARCITY
03/07/05Elements of Computational Science and Engineering EducationSCOLLARCITY
03/07/05Professor Osman Yasar Named One of "Top 30 Most Successful Turks in the World"SCOLLARCITY
03/07/05AIG Summary Report on Congressional Hearing on NSF's MSP ProgramSCOLLARCITY
03/07/05Witnesses See Promise in Math and Science PartnershipsSCOLLARCITY
03/07/05SUNY Math and Science Partnership Program Presented at Congressional HearingSCOLLARCITY
02/17/05Use of Online Survey and Reporting Tools in Evaluation: CCSSO Workshop with Math-Science Leaders and ResearchersLongitudinal Design
02/15/05Introducing PS3PS3
02/06/05MSP Workshop: Challenging Courses and Curricula, April 17-19, 2005Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
02/02/05Mathematics Specialist ResolutionPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
01/29/05Implementing Comprehensive Multifaceted Professional Development:Lessons Learned from University and K-12 PartnershipsIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
01/29/05Design and Implementation of Linking Courses: Connecting College Mathematics with High School Mathematics for Pre-service TeachersIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
01/28/052005 MSP Conference PresentationTERC MSPnet
01/28/05Assessing Partnerships: Techniques and Tools for Evaluating PartnershipsAdding Value to MSP Evaluations
01/21/05Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership Holds Four Public SessionsGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
01/21/05Definition of Mathematics SpecialistsPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
12/03/04Science Facilitator Wins AwardNC-PIMS
12/01/04NSF grant to improve middle school mathGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
11/16/04Workshop: Use of Online, Web-based Data Tools for MSP Evaluation and Alignment AnalysisLongitudinal Design
11/05/04Introductory PresentationTERC MSPnet
11/04/04Math and Science Teachers Take Turn in Business WorldSTARK County MSP
11/04/04Stark teachers become studentsSTARK County MSP
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