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02/15/06Measuring the Effect of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership on Student AchievementMilwaukee MSP
02/15/06Beyond Achievement: Motivation-related Evidence from a Partnership Between a Targeted Project (TASEL-M) and a RETA (MSP-MAP)MSP Motivation Assessment Program
02/15/06Beyond Achievement: Motivation-related Evidence from a Partnership Between a Targeted Project (TASEL-M) and a RETA (MSP-MAP)TASEL-M
02/07/06Teacher Change in High School Science: Findings from the First Three Years of the Vertically Integrated Partnerships (VIP) K-16VIP K-16
02/07/06Evidence-Based Design from the Mathematical ACTS MSP Project at the University of California-RiversideMathematical ACTS
02/07/06Using Evidence from Teachers' Online Instructional Learning Logs in Evaluation and Decision-Making in a Math and Science PartnershipIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
02/01/06Georgia Students Rank Parents as Primary Influencers in School SuccessPRISM
02/01/06New Public Awareness Campaign Aims to Increase Student AchievementPRISM
01/25/06Using Formative Evidence And Formal Collaboration To Evaluate And Improve The Efficacy Of An MSP/RETA ProjectFacilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
01/25/06Integrating Curriculum Guides, Quarterly Benchmark Assessments, and Professional Development to Improve Student Learning in MathematicsFOCUS
01/25/06Evaluating New versus Mature Partnerships: How Evaluation Questions May Change Based on Partnership LongevityFOCUS
01/25/06Assessing the Quality and Quantity of Student Discourse in Mathematics ClassroomsOregon Mathematics Leadership Institute Partnership
01/24/06MSP-Motivation Assessment Program Second Year Report to NSFMSP Motivation Assessment Program
01/13/06Teachers Respond Enthusiastically to Summer Mathematics CoursesGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
01/13/06NC-PIMS Nuggets January 2006NC-PIMS
12/27/05The Art of Asking Thought Provoking Questions in the Mathematics ClassroomPuerto Rico MSP
12/21/05MSPnet Hosts Workshop for Project Leaders & AdministratorsTERC MSPnet
12/06/05NCTM Annual Meeting: Presentation on research conducted by three MSP ProjectsPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
11/30/05CSUF Mathematician Honored at White HouseTASEL-M
11/30/05UCI receives presidential award for excellence in science mentoringFOCUS
11/10/05AMSP's Partnership Enhancement Program for Local Empowerment between IHEs and School DistrictsAppalachian MSP
11/07/05Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations - Mathematics SpecialistPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
11/03/05Rocky Mountain Middle School MSP Summer BrochureRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
10/31/05Assessing Mathematics Conceptual Knowledge and Teacher Beliefs in Secondary MathematicsProject Pathways: A Math and Science Partnership Program for Arizona Targeted Project Track
10/31/05Developing Measures of Mathematical Knowledge for TeachingLearning Mathematics for Teaching
10/31/05How much does teacher knowledge enhance teaching practice?Causal Inference in Instructional Workforce Research
10/28/05Evaluating Professional Development: A New Tool for Assessing Impacts on Teacher Knowledge for Science TeachingAssessing Teacher Learning About Science Teaching
10/27/05Building Sustainable PartnershipsPRISM
10/26/05System-wide Change for All Learners and EducatorsSCALE
10/26/05Teacher Content Knowledge - A Mile HighRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
10/26/05Year 3 Update Report: Longitudinal Study to Measure Effects of MSP Professional DevelopmentLongitudinal Design
10/26/05Using Curricular Measures for Description & AnalysisLongitudinal Design
10/26/05Surveys of Enacted CurriculumLongitudinal Design
10/24/05Urban AP Science Teacher Workshops - New EnglandBoston Science Partnership
10/12/05Summary of Challenging Courses and Curricula Workshop September 25-27, 2005Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
10/11/05MSP Evaluation Summit SummaryBuilding Evaluation Capacity
10/10/05Overview of Previous Discussions by the MSP Community on Challenging Courses and Curricula at the NRC April Workshop and on MSPnetFacilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
10/06/05Math Initiatives Show What Can Be DoneFocus on Mathematics
09/26/05Raising the Bar for Student Achievement in ScienceBoston Science Partnership
09/13/05MSP Evaluation Summit: Agenda, Schedule, Reimbursement, and other informationBuilding Evaluation Capacity
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