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08/12/06FoM Summer Institutes, 2006Focus on Mathematics
08/08/063rd Annual Focus on Mathematics Expo Highlights Creative Achievements By Boston-Area StudentsFocus on Mathematics
08/08/06Origami, Red Sox and Tic Tac ToeFocus on Mathematics
08/08/06Students Get Creative at Mathematics FairFocus on Mathematics
07/31/06Teaching Mathematics and Science to English Language Learners: The Experience of Four New Jersey Elementary SchoolsNew Jersey MSP
07/31/06Early Childhood Education Professional Development Component StudyNew Jersey MSP
07/31/06Enhancing Inquiry Skills in Engineering through a University-School District PartnershipPS3
07/18/06Districts, Teacher Leaders, and Distributed Leadership: Changing Institutional PracticeNew Jersey MSP
07/03/06Greater Birmingham Annual Report Year 2Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
06/28/06Evaluation Report, Year 2MSP of SW Pennsylvania
06/28/06PI Narrative for Annual Report- SWPA MSP, Year 3MSP of SW Pennsylvania
06/15/06PROM/SE Summer Mathematics Special Course OfferingPROM/SE
06/15/06PROM/SE Summer Mathematics AcademiesPROM/SE
06/15/06PROM/SE Summer Science InstitutePROM/SE
06/08/06Summer 2006 NewsletterRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
06/01/06Special Edition Project Director's Notes for April 2006 NSF Site Visit to Greenville, NCNC-PIMS
06/01/06A Year 2 RETA Report for Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP--A Longitudinal PerspectiveEffect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP: A Longitudinal Perspective
05/25/06NSF-MSP Summer Institute 2005 - Preparing Mathematics Specialists Masters Program offered by VCU, UVA & NSUPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
05/12/06Testimony to Congressional Committee on Using Data to Improve Student AchievementSTARK County MSP
05/12/06Texas Instruments Executives Visit Canton City SchoolsSTARK County MSP
05/10/06AMSP Fall & Winter Newsletter, 2005-06Appalachian MSP
04/30/06Integrating NEES Research into Advanced Analysis and Design CoursesPS3
04/28/06What's New @ PROM/SEPROM/SE
04/28/06Research Report - Making the Grade: Fractions in Your SchoolsPROM/SE
04/26/06STEM Family Fun Night and Parent SummitUMBC-BCPS STEM Project
04/24/06MSPnet 2006 Annual ReportTERC MSPnet
04/24/06MSPnet: Nested Communities Interacting OnlineTERC MSPnet
04/11/06The Practice of Leading and Managing: The Distribution of Responsibility for Leadership and Management in the SchoolhouseDeveloping Distributed Leadership
04/11/06Taking a Distributed Perspective in Studying School Leadership and Management: Epistemological and Methodological Trade-offsDistributed Leadership for Middle School Mathematics Education: Content Area Leadership Expertise in Practice
04/05/06Evaluation of Math Masters 2004-05 Summary ReportSCALE
04/05/06Evaluation of Math Masters 2004-05 Summary ReportSCALE
04/04/06MSPnet: Nested Communities Interacting OnlineTERC MSPnet
03/27/06SWPA MSP HighlightsMSP of SW Pennsylvania
02/28/06Making Math CountFocus on Mathematics
02/24/06VIP K-16 Program NuggetsVIP K-16
02/20/06Indicators of Quality of Teacher Professional Development and Instructional Change Using Data From Surveys of Enacted Curriculum: Findings from NSF MSP-RETA ProjectLongitudinal Design
02/20/06Using Evaluation as a Bridge for Partnership DevelopmentMSP of SW Pennsylvania
02/15/06Value Added by Teacher EducationCausal Inference in Instructional Workforce Research
02/15/06Leading and Planning a Professional Development ProgramTeachers And Scientists Collaborating
02/15/06Using Data to "Make a Case" for Mathematics Reform within a K-12 DistrictPRIME
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