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04/22/08NC-PIMS Project Director's Notes November 2005NC-PIMS
04/22/08NC-PIMS Project Director's Notes October 2005NC-PIMS
04/22/08NC-PIMS Project Director's Notes September 2005NC-PIMS
04/20/08NC-PIMS Project Director's Notes August 2005NC-PIMS
04/20/08NC-PIMS Project Director's Notes July 2005NC-PIMS
04/16/08A Final Case Study of SCALE Activities at UW-Madison: The Influence of Institutional Context on a K-20 STEM Education Change InitiativeSCALE
03/25/08Students' Perceptions of Family Involvement Behaviors: Indicators of Family Achievement Goal Emphases, Task Values, and Confidence Beliefs in MathMSP Motivation Assessment Program
03/25/08GBMP 2007 Summer Courses Recap: More Courses, Participants and Positive ResultsGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
03/25/08Attendance at GBMP Community Mathematics Nights Tops 3,800 through February 2008Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
03/20/08Examining AMSP Partnerships: Increasing Capacity for Distributed LeadershipAppalachian MSP
03/19/08Using cultural models to understand faculty sense-making processes within the structural and socio-cultural context of a comprehensive universitySCALE
03/18/08A Mixed Method Study Explores the Impact of UCI-NSF PreK/K Leadership Training for Early Childhood Educators Integrating Science, Math, and LiteracyFOCUS
03/18/08MSP-KMD Knowledge ReviewsKnowledge Management and Dissemination
03/11/08Video: Partnership for Student Success in SciencePS3
03/05/08Early Development of a Student-Centered Perspective in Science and Math Pre-Service TeachersFOCUS
02/26/08UIUC Chemistry Professors Mentor High School TeachersInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
02/13/08STEM Education Research Designs: Conceptual and Practical Considerations for Planning Experimental StudiesThe Role of Experimentation in STEM Education Research Projects
02/11/08Do the Math: Engagement equals academic successIAS/PCMI
02/06/08MSP-Motivation Assessment Program Final Report to The National Science FoundationMSP Motivation Assessment Program
01/31/08Tools for Managing Large Scale ProjectsPRISM
01/22/08Impact Report - September 2007PRISM
01/17/08Illinois educators gain skills through summer institute at NCSAInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
01/17/08Creating the next generation of researchersInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
01/14/08PROM/SE offers "The Evolution of Everything"PROM/SE
01/10/08STEM Academy Measurement: An Evaluation ToolUMBC-BCPS STEM Project
01/03/08Strengthening Mathematics Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge Through Collaborative Investigations in CombinatoricsThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
01/03/08Boosting Student Achievement in Math and ScienceThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
01/03/08Building Bridges Between Rice Research and Houston's Teaching CommunitesThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
12/12/07Mattoon High School chemistry classes integrate computer sims with hands-on lab workInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
12/12/07ICLCS Fellows Presents at Illinois Science Teachers AssociationInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
12/07/07Meeting the Challenge of STEM Classroom Observation in Evaluating Teacher Development Projects: A Comparison of Two Widely Used InstrumentsSIRC
11/09/07PRISM Impact Report - September 2007PRISM
10/31/07Learning Communities Across Educational ContinuumSCALE
10/31/07SCALE and the Future of Educational ImprovementsSCALE
10/31/07SCALE Opens the Door to Higher Education ChangeSCALE
10/29/07Partnerships, Policy, and Educational Change: The Role of Mathematics and Science in K-16 ReformChange and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)
10/18/07NSF Director Visits Appalachian SchoolsAppalachian MSP
10/18/07Middle school shows off science skills for NSF headAppalachian MSP
10/18/07WJMS success draws national attentionAppalachian MSP
10/05/07A Culture of UnderstandingBig Sky Science Partnership
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