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Showcase: Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)

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There are 24 showcase items for this project.
11/01/10ICLCS unveils new Web siteIn The Press
10/14/10Building bridges from research to educationIn The Press
09/15/10Edee Wiziecki, Jay Mashl give talk on ICLCS to Monash University, AustraliaIn The Press
08/10/10NCSA Funded to Build Community of Science Education AdvocatesIn The Press
08/10/10Ed-tech Showcase Inspires LawmakersIn The Press
05/20/10Using Technology to Teach ChemistryIn The Press
02/24/10Hamilton chemistry students can access U of I resources, professorsIn The Press
02/24/10Chemistry Class Celebrates Lincoln's 200th BirthdayIn The Press
02/24/10ICLCS members present at US House of RepresentativesIn The Press
11/18/09Science teacher uses new methodsIn The Press
11/13/09National Science Foundation Takes Part in Education Technology ShowcaseIn The Press
01/17/08Illinois educators gain skills through summer institute at NCSAIn The Press
01/17/08Creating the next generation of researchersIn The Press
12/12/07Mattoon High School chemistry classes integrate computer sims with hands-on lab workIn The Press
12/12/07ICLCS Fellows Presents at Illinois Science Teachers AssociationIn The Press
12/22/09Transforming Chemistry Education through Computational SciencePapers and Reports
04/24/08ICLCS Hosts Virtual WorkshopPapers and Reports
04/24/08ICLCS Doubles its Effort by Kicking Off a New Cadre of Chemistry FellowsPapers and Reports
02/26/08UIUC Chemistry Professors Mentor High School TeachersPapers and Reports
11/16/11Facilitating Changes in Teaching Practice Through Science Teachers' Vicarious Experiences in a Professional Learning EnvironmentPapers and Reports, Presentations
04/23/12ICLCS presents at STEM SmartPresentations
04/06/12Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science: Measuring teacher effectiveness in using computational tools and student-centered methods in high school chemistry.Presentations
02/23/11A First Attempt at Examining the Relationship Between Student Success and Teachers' Participation in a Virtual Learning Environment (PLE)Presentations
09/22/09Teachers discuss the Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational ScienceVideos