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5/19/18Citizen Science Research Integrated Across the CurriculumiEvolve with STEM: Inquiry and Engagement to Invigorate and Optimize Learning for Everyone
5/19/18Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science ProgramCEEMS: The Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Mathematics and Science Program
5/19/18Learning Trajectories for Everyday ComputingLearning Trajectories for K-5 CS and Math
5/19/18Assessing Computational Thinking in Maker Activities (ACTMA)ACTMA
5/19/18Comp Hydro - Engaging Students in Using Computational ThinkingThe Comp Hydro Project
5/19/18Re-Making STEM: Computational Making Practices in TeachingRe-Making STEM
5/19/18SciGirls Code: A National Connected Learning CS ModelSciGirls Code
5/19/18Lesson Study: A Vehicle for ChangeMathematical ACES
5/19/18AMP-IT-UP Manufacturing MathematicsAdvanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Integrated To Unlock Potential (AMP-IT-UP)
5/19/18Foundations of Science Leadership for K-8 AdministratorsSTEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES)
5/19/18Integrated STEM+CT for K-2 In and Out of SchoolSTEMCLIFE
5/19/18Wyoming's Computer Science K-12 University PartnershipED MSP Program
5/19/18Designing for Equity by Thinking in and about MathematicsDesigning for Equity by Thinking in and about Mathematics
7/27/17Inspiring Our Youngest MathematiciansPromoting Excellence in Arizona Middle School Mathematics
7/27/17Using Programming to Teach Mathematical GeneralizationED MSP Program
7/27/17Tracking Digital Integration: Researching and Documenting Progress from Interest-Driven Professional Development to Student Engagement within the edMSP STEM Literacy Community of PracticeED MSP Program
7/27/17Elicitation Questions as part of the Alabama Alliance for Physics ExcellenceAlliance for Physics EXcellence (APEX)
7/27/17Creative Robotics: Broadening Participation Across the Middle School CurriculumCreative Robotics: an inclusive program for fostering diverse STEM talent in middle school
7/27/17Spatial STEM+C: Developing Computational Thinking and Mathematical Skills in Children with Spatial Puzzles, Games, and Building ToysSpatial Thinking Curriculum
7/27/17Lessons Learned: Integrating Computer Science in the Elementary DayElementary STEM Curriculum
7/27/17Citizen Science Research Integrated Across the Curriculum as a Core Learning PracticeiEvolve with STEM: Inquiry and Engagement to Invigorate and Optimize Learning for Everyone
7/27/17Computer Science, STEM Integration and Teacher CollaborationSTEM Integration Modules
7/27/17IMMERSION: Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary GradesInvestigating Mathematical Modeling, Experiential Learning and Research
7/26/17Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Integrated to Unlock Potential (AMP-IT-UP): An NSF Partnership to Cultivate The Next Generation of STEM InnovatorsAdvanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Integrated To Unlock Potential (AMP-IT-UP)
7/26/17Partnership to Improve Student Achievement in Physical Science: Integrating STEM Approaches (PISA2) Evidence of Changes in Elementary Science ClassroomsPISA2: Partnership to Improve Student Achievement in Physical Sciences
7/26/17nPower Girls: Instructional Strategies for Getting and Keeping Girls Engaged in STEMED MSP Program
7/26/17Assessing Computational Thinking in Making ActivitiesACTMA
7/26/17VELA: Dynamic Activities Advancing Computer Science Concepts For Diverse Student PopulationsThinking Outside the Box
7/26/17Full Steam Ahead: PD Model for Best Practices in STEAMED MSP Program
7/26/17The impact of A TIME for Physics First in MissouriA TIME for Physics First in Missouri
7/26/17E4Tech: Engaging, Exciting and Empowering Educators through the “T” in STEMED MSP Program
7/26/17Ethical and Equitable: New Strategies for Supporting Sustainable Research ResultsA Research+Practice Collaboratory
6/16/17Engineering Design in the Classroom: The EngrTEAMS Curriculum ProjectEngrTEAMS: Engineering to Transform the Education of Analysis, Measurement, and Science in a Team-Based Targeted Mathematics-Science Partnership
6/06/17Research on the Development of Computational and Systems Thinking in Middle School Students through Explorations of Complex Earth SystemsBuilding Systems from Scratch
5/24/17LTEC: Learning Trajectories for Integrating K-5 Computer Science and MathematicsLearning Trajectories for K-5 CS and Math
11/03/16Why the Digital NEST?EBP: The Digital NEST: Building Pathways to Computing Education and Careers for Latino/a Youth
5/20/16Curriculum and Community Enterprise for the Restoration of New York Harbor through New York City Public SchoolsCurriculum and Community Enterprise for New York Harbor Restoration in New York City Public Schools
5/20/16Making Is Fun but Are They Learning?: Equity in Science EducationA Research+Practice Collaboratory
2/24/16Three Video Vignettes From MSPinNYCMSPinNYC2 -- MSP in New York City 2
10/08/15Webinar Series on Research-Practice PartnershipsA Research+Practice Collaboratory
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