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4/06/12Project ASPIRE: Defining and Assessing Mathematical Knowledge (Meanings) for Teaching Secondary MathematicsProject Aspire: Defining and Assessing Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching Secondary Mathematics
4/06/12Puerto Rico MSP: Evolution of a Professional Development Program to Promote Effective TeachingPuerto Rico MSP
4/06/12RITES: Framing Effective STEM TeachingRITES
4/06/12Science & Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART)Science and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART)
4/06/12Promoting Effective Teaching in Science Learning through Engineering Design [SLED]Science Learning through Engineering Design (SLED)
4/06/12Learning Progression-based Teaching Strategies for Environmental Science LiteracySF Bay Integrated Middle School Science Project
4/06/12SF Bay Integrated Middle School Science (IMSS) PartnershipSF Bay Integrated Middle School Science Project
4/06/12Promoting Institutional Change to Strengthen Science Teacher PreparationStrengthening Science Teacher Preparation
4/06/12An Evaluation of the Appalachian Math and Science Partnership: Understanding the Decision to Participate and the Impact on Student OutcomesStudent Outcomes of AMSP
4/06/12TASEL-M2TASEL-M Phase 2
4/06/12Refining Learning Progressions in Astronomy and Plate TectonicsThe Middle Grades Earth and Space Science Education Partnership
4/06/12Tuskegee University Math and Science Partnership (MSP): A NanoBio Science for the Alabama Black Belt RegionThe NanoBio Science Partnership for Alabama Black Belt Region
4/06/12Nurturing and Supporting Middle School Mathematics TeachersThe Poincare Institute: A Partnership for Mathematics Education
4/06/12POPS! The Power of Physical Science: Encouraging Girls to Study the Physical SciencesThe Power of Physical Sciences
4/06/12Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP) Targeted MSPThe UB/BPS Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership
4/06/12U-FUTuRES: University of Florida Unites Teachers to Reform Education in Science (Year One)U-FUTuRES: University of Florida Unites Teachers to Reform Education in Science
4/06/12UTeachEngineering: Preparing Effective Engineering Teachers Begins with Defining an Exceptional, Year-Long High School Engineering CourseUTeachEngineering
4/06/12The Vermont Mathematics Partnership: Mathematicians and educators working together to help all children succeed in mathematicsVermont Mathematics Partnership
4/06/12Learners to Leaders: A Graduate Institute for Biology TeachersWashington University Life Sciences Teacher Institute
11/16/11Facilitating Changes in Teaching Practice Through Science Teachers' Vicarious Experiences in a Professional Learning EnvironmentInstitute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
11/02/11MiTEP Teachers Present Posters at GSAMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Implementing Long-Term Professional Develop for Urban Earth Science Teachers, Insights from the Michigan Institute For Teacher Excellence ProgramMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Discussion of a Keweenaw GeoparkMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11For Place-Based Earth Science Learning Opportunities, There's No 'Place' Like HomeMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Keweenaw Boulder Garden Revitalized Kame Terrace On Campus, Used as a Teaching LaboratoryMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Developing Interpretive Materials for Isle Royale National Park - Bringing Geology to the Urban ClassroomMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Using EarthCache to Promote Placed Based Education in Public SchoolsMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Using the National Parks as a Way to Engage Students in Urban SchoolsMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Awakening the Sleeping Bear! Bringing to Life the Geology, Historical and Cultural Life of Sleeping Bear Dunes to Students and Teachers EverywhereMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Taking Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Beyond its Borders: Using Technology to Bring Place to the ClassroomMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11A Sense of Place at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Improving Teachers' Earth Science Literacy = Improving Students' Earth Science LiteracyMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Earth Science Interpretation Efforts as a Geological Intern at Isle Royale National ParkMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Using the National Parks as Way to Engage Diverse Learners in Earth Science EducationMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Teaching Teachers about the Earth - MiTEP's Summer Class DesignMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/20/11Geologic Exposures of Isle Royale National Park for the Geologist and the PublicMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
10/06/11"We can't really talk about the whys of magnetism now"Minority Student Pipeline MSP
9/22/11Teacher attention leading to student inquiry: A case study of an emergent 5th grade magnetism unitMinority Student Pipeline MSP
9/22/11Deemphasizing science vocabulary with English language learnersMinority Student Pipeline MSP
3/14/11Earth Science Institute (ESI-2)Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
3/14/11Earth Science Institute (ESI-1)Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
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