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11/16/04Workshop: Use of Online, Web-based Data Tools for MSP Evaluation and Alignment AnalysisLongitudinal Design
11/08/12A classroom observation rubric for mathematical justificationMaking Mathematical Reasoning Explicit
2/21/07What the College Teachers Learned from High School Teachers in MSPMath and Science Partnership in New York City (MSPinNYC)
10/23/08All Students Proficient on State Tests by 2014?Mathematical ACTS
10/05/06Evidence Based Decision Making to Support Teacher Learning in the Mathematical ACTS MSPMathematical ACTS
2/07/06Evidence-Based Design from the Mathematical ACTS MSP Project at the University of California-RiversideMathematical ACTS
3/22/05Effects of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Elementary School Standards Reform in an Underperforming California DistrictMathematical ACTS
8/15/12Opportunities for Learning MathematicsMathematically Connected Communities - Leadership Institute for Teachers
5/23/12Making an Impact: Final Report 2004-11Math in the Middle Institute Partnership
10/05/06Linking Teacher Characteristics to Student Mathematics OutcomesMath in the Middle Institute Partnership
10/03/06A Study of Middle Level Students' Mathematical Understanding Using Alternative AssessmentsMath in the Middle Institute Partnership
8/12/10MTTI Geometry ExpertsMath Teacher Transformation Institute
6/08/10Spring 2010 Newsletter #2: Inquiry and Action ResearchMath Teacher Transformation Institute
5/17/10MTTI Spring '10 NewsletterMath Teacher Transformation Institute
5/17/10MTTI Fall '09 NewsletterMath Teacher Transformation Institute
2/12/10Spring 2009 NewsletterMath Teacher Transformation Institute
2/12/10First Year Report: Mathematics Teacher Transformation Institutes Research & Evaluation DataMath Teacher Transformation Institute
2/12/10MTTI Summer 2009 NewsletterMath Teacher Transformation Institute
10/03/11A TIME for Physics First Newsletter August 2011A TIME for Physics First in Missouri
10/03/11A TIME for Physics First Newsletter April 2011A TIME for Physics First in Missouri
2/08/11A TIME for Physics First Newsletter, Aug 2010A TIME for Physics First in Missouri
2/04/11A TIME for Physics First Newsletter, April 2010A TIME for Physics First in Missouri
2/04/11A TIME for Physics First Newsletter, Dec 2010A TIME for Physics First in Missouri
1/09/09MiTEP Leadership TeamMichigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP)
6/27/13The Earth ScientistThe Middle Grades Earth and Space Science Education Partnership
11/20/12Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership Final ReportMilwaukee MSP
11/19/12Perspectives on Deepening Teachers' Mathematics Content Knowledge: The Case of the Milwaukee Mathematics PartnershipMilwaukee MSP
10/05/06How Valid Are Self-Report Survey Data Obtained from School District Personnel?Milwaukee MSP
10/03/06The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership: A path model for evaluating teacher and student effectsMilwaukee MSP
2/15/06Measuring the Effect of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership on Student AchievementMilwaukee MSP
9/28/04What Is the Mathematical Knowledge Needed for Teaching: An Interactive ConferenceMilwaukee MSP
11/16/16Dual Enrollment in Science: Paving the way for college STEM degreesMinority Student Pipeline MSP
11/16/16Minority Student Pipeline MSP Project Outcomes ReportMinority Student Pipeline MSP
5/08/13The Astronomy and Space Science Concept Inventory: Development and Validation of Assessment Instruments Aligned with the K-12 National Science StandardsMOSART-LS
4/20/07Letting Go of the Reins: Learning about Scalability in the Context of one District-wide ImplementationMSPGP
3/25/08Students' Perceptions of Family Involvement Behaviors: Indicators of Family Achievement Goal Emphases, Task Values, and Confidence Beliefs in MathMSP Motivation Assessment Program
2/06/08MSP-Motivation Assessment Program Final Report to The National Science FoundationMSP Motivation Assessment Program
2/15/06Beyond Achievement: Motivation-related Evidence from a Partnership Between a Targeted Project (TASEL-M) and a RETA (MSP-MAP)MSP Motivation Assessment Program
1/24/06MSP-Motivation Assessment Program Second Year Report to NSFMSP Motivation Assessment Program
8/31/04MSP-Motivation Assessment Program First Year ReportMSP Motivation Assessment Program
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