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3/07/05Osman Yasar's Congressional TestimonySCOLLARCITY
10/10/05Overview of Previous Discussions by the MSP Community on Challenging Courses and Curricula at the NRC April Workshop and on MSPnetFacilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships
2/02/07The P-5 Mathematics Endorsement: Impacts and Lessons LearnedPRISM
10/29/07Partnerships, Policy, and Educational Change: The Role of Mathematics and Science in K-16 ReformChange and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)
4/05/04Performance Measurement in Public-Private Partnerships: Learning from Praxis, Constructing a Conceptual ModelAlternative Approaches to Evaluating STEM Education Partnerships
11/19/12Perspectives on Deepening Teachers' Mathematics Content Knowledge: The Case of the Milwaukee Mathematics PartnershipMilwaukee MSP
8/09/04Pike Township Schools Participate in Indiana Mathematics Initiative PilotIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
5/11/04Pilot Study of Experience Sampling MethodologyDeveloping Distributed Leadership
6/28/06PI Narrative for Annual Report- SWPA MSP, Year 3MSP of SW Pennsylvania
4/13/05Plan of Action for Implementing the SCALE Quality Indicator SystemAdding Value to MSP Evaluations
4/11/06The Practice of Leading and Managing: The Distribution of Responsibility for Leadership and Management in the SchoolhouseDeveloping Distributed Leadership
3/07/07Preliminary Case Study of SCALE Activities at the California State University, NorthridgeSCALE
1/12/07Preliminary Case Study of SCALE Activities at the California State University, NorthridgeSCALE
1/12/07Preliminary Case Study of SCALE Activities at the California State University, NorthridgeSCALE
5/26/05Presentation to the PRMSP National Advisory Board Overview of Year OnePuerto Rico MSP
10/04/06Pre-service Elementary Teachers' Understanding of Standards-based Magnetism ConceptsAppalachian MSP
5/10/07Preservice Elementary Teachers' Understanding Of Standards-based Magnetism ConceptsAppalachian MSP
6/01/05Preservice, Induction, and Certification ComponentPuerto Rico MSP
3/13/13Primarily Math: Success StoriesNebraska Math
7/10/07PRISM Impact ReportPRISM
11/12/08PRISM Impact Report - October 2008PRISM
11/04/09PRISM Phase II Project SummaryPRISM Phase II
10/04/06Professional Development Participation and the Role of Administrator Involvement in the MSP of SW PennsylvaniaMSP of SW Pennsylvania
6/07/05Project Assessment and EvaluationPuerto Rico MSP
3/27/07The Promise of a Dynamic Mathematics Classroom: Technology at WorkNC-PIMS
4/19/12PROM/SE: The Quest for CoherencePROM/SE
8/12/06PROMYS for Teachers, 2006Focus on Mathematics
5/18/15Publications associated with EngrTEAMSEngrTEAMS: Engineering to Transform the Education of Analysis, Measurement, and Science in a Team-Based Targeted Mathematics-Science Partnership
1/28/11Relationships Among Inquiry-Based Science, Elementary and Middle-Grade Achievement, and Science-Related Student Behaviors in a North Carolina School DistrictTeachers And Scientists Collaborating
9/08/04Report of 1st Project Advisory Committee Meeting, February 21-22, 2004Redesign of the AP
9/08/04Report of 2nd Project Advisory Committee Meeting, July 10-11, 2004Redesign of the AP
10/04/06Report on Course and Curriculum Changes in Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Programs Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)
5/09/12Report to Nebraska 12.2011Nebraska Math
7/03/08Research Report - Dividing Opportunities: Tracking in High School MathematicsPROM/SE
7/03/08Research Report - Dividing Opportunities: Tracking in High School SciencePROM/SE
1/18/07Research Report - Knowing Mathematics: What We Can Learn from TeachersPROM/SE
4/28/06Research Report - Making the Grade: Fractions in Your SchoolsPROM/SE
11/03/05Rocky Mountain Middle School MSP Summer BrochureRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
6/06/07The Role of the Facilitator in Promoting Meaningful Discourse Among Professional Learning Communities of Secondary Mathematics and Science TeachersProject Pathways: A Math and Science Partnership Program for Arizona Targeted Project Track
7/24/07Rural Teachers Trained to Pass Along Math and Science Knowledge to PeersAppalachian MSP
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