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10/05/06Linking Teacher Characteristics to Student Mathematics OutcomesMath in the Middle Institute Partnership
10/05/06Engaging Higher Education Faculty in K-16 Learning Communities to Improve Teaching and Learning in Science and Mathematics in the K-12 SchoolsPRISM
10/05/06Development and Use of a Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Evaluating Teacher Practice and Informing Program InstructionUniversity of Pennsylvania Science Teachers Institute
10/05/06VMP Evaluation Findings Related to Changes in Teaching Practice, Drawn from Qualitative Focus Group DataVermont Mathematics Partnership
10/04/06Evaluation of the Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership (GBMP): A Comprehensive Approach to Evaluating Changes in Teachers' Mathematics UnderstandingGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
10/04/06Magic or Mirrors? Questions about Partnership as a Construct Arising from Micro-Level Case AnalysisSCALE
10/04/06Report on Course and Curriculum Changes in Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Programs Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)Change and Sustainability in Higher Education (CASHE)
10/04/06The Veritable Quandary of Measuring Teacher Content Knowledge in a Math and Science PartnershipRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
10/04/06Continued Integration of Curriculum Guides, Quarterly Benchmark Assessments, and Professional Development to Improve Student Learning in Mathematics and ScienceFOCUS
10/04/06Pre-service Elementary Teachers' Understanding of Standards-based Magnetism ConceptsAppalachian MSP
10/04/06Professional Development Participation and the Role of Administrator Involvement in the MSP of SW PennsylvaniaMSP of SW Pennsylvania
10/04/06Evaluating a Minority Student STEM Retention Project: Evaluation Issues in Working in a Consortium and Numbers Don't Tell the Whole StoryBuilding Evaluation Capacity
10/04/06Indicators of Quality of Teacher Professional Development and Instructional Change Using Data from Surveys of Enacted Curriculum: Findings from NSF MSP-RETA ProjectLongitudinal Design
10/04/06Using Data to Guide Mathematics Reform within a K-12 DistrictPRIME
10/03/06Impact of a Hands On Science Outreach Program on Student Interest in ScienceUMBC-BCPS STEM Project
10/03/06A Study of Middle Level Students' Mathematical Understanding Using Alternative AssessmentsMath in the Middle Institute Partnership
10/03/06The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership: A path model for evaluating teacher and student effectsMilwaukee MSP
9/21/06VIP K-16 Year 4 ReportVIP K-16
9/18/06Teacher Effect Model for Impacting Student AchievementNC-PIMS
9/18/06Teacher Effect Model for Impacting Student AchievementNC-PIMS
9/18/06An NC-PIMS View of Challenging Courses and CurriculumNC-PIMS
9/18/06The Ideal NC-PIMS ClassroomNC-PIMS
9/14/06GBMP's 2006 Summer Courses Draw Crowds and Excellent ReviewsGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
9/14/06MSPnet Announces New Working Group FunctionalitiesTERC MSPnet
9/11/06MSP of Southwest Pennsylvania: Year Three Evaluation ReportMSP of SW Pennsylvania
8/30/06On the Ability to Design Engineering ExperimentsPS3
8/30/06Enhancing Inquiry Skills in Engineering through a University-School District PartnershipPS3
8/30/06Integrating NEES Research into Advanced Analysis and Design CoursesPS3
8/12/06PROMYS for Teachers, 2006Focus on Mathematics
8/12/06Master of Mathematics for Teaching: 5 new MMT Graduates!Focus on Mathematics
8/12/06FoM Summer Institutes, 2006Focus on Mathematics
7/31/06Teaching Mathematics and Science to English Language Learners: The Experience of Four New Jersey Elementary SchoolsNew Jersey MSP
7/31/06Early Childhood Education Professional Development Component StudyNew Jersey MSP
7/31/06Enhancing Inquiry Skills in Engineering through a University-School District PartnershipPS3
7/18/06Districts, Teacher Leaders, and Distributed Leadership: Changing Institutional PracticeNew Jersey MSP
7/03/06Greater Birmingham Annual Report Year 2Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
6/28/06Evaluation Report, Year 2MSP of SW Pennsylvania
6/28/06PI Narrative for Annual Report- SWPA MSP, Year 3MSP of SW Pennsylvania
6/08/06Summer 2006 NewsletterRocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership
6/01/06A Year 2 RETA Report for Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP--A Longitudinal PerspectiveEffect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP: A Longitudinal Perspective
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