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6/15/06PROM/SE Summer Mathematics AcademiesPROM/SE
6/15/06PROM/SE Summer Science InstitutePROM/SE
6/01/06Special Edition Project Director's Notes for April 2006 NSF Site Visit to Greenville, NCNC-PIMS
5/12/06Testimony to Congressional Committee on Using Data to Improve Student AchievementSTARK County MSP
5/12/06Texas Instruments Executives Visit Canton City SchoolsSTARK County MSP
4/28/06What's New @ PROM/SEPROM/SE
4/26/06STEM Family Fun Night and Parent SummitUMBC-BCPS STEM Project
2/28/06Making Math CountFocus on Mathematics
2/24/06VIP K-16 Program NuggetsVIP K-16
2/01/06Georgia Students Rank Parents as Primary Influencers in School SuccessPRISM
2/01/06New Public Awareness Campaign Aims to Increase Student AchievementPRISM
12/21/05MSPnet Hosts Workshop for Project Leaders & AdministratorsTERC MSPnet
12/06/05NCTM Annual Meeting: Presentation on research conducted by three MSP ProjectsPreparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist
11/30/05CSUF Mathematician Honored at White HouseTASEL-M
11/30/05UCI receives presidential award for excellence in science mentoringFOCUS
10/24/05Urban AP Science Teacher Workshops - New EnglandBoston Science Partnership
10/06/05Math Initiatives Show What Can Be DoneFocus on Mathematics
9/26/05Raising the Bar for Student Achievement in ScienceBoston Science Partnership
9/13/05Students get creative at annual Math ExpoFocus on Mathematics
8/17/05Tuskegee University as a TEAM-Math PartnerTEAM-Math
7/15/05Rice Mathematics Leadership Institute comes to Aldine ISDThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
7/15/05Dept. of Ed's Sclafani to speakThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
7/15/05High Schools and University Team Up to Improve Math InstructionThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
7/15/05Rice University Receives Grant to Improve Math InstructionThe Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
7/15/05New Math Institute Seeks to Help Teachers Engage Students.The Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
6/15/05Local students put math to work on projects they createdFocus on Mathematics
6/07/05Science Sense: New Tufts ProgramThe Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science
5/03/05It's not your father's math class anymoreIndiana University -Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership
5/02/05Students Pick up Math ExpertiseFocus on Mathematics
4/07/05Math Teachers Go Back to SchoolFocus on Mathematics
3/07/05Professor Osman Yasar Named One of "Top 30 Most Successful Turks in the World"SCOLLARCITY
3/07/05AIG Summary Report on Congressional Hearing on NSF's MSP ProgramSCOLLARCITY
3/07/05Witnesses See Promise in Math and Science PartnershipsSCOLLARCITY
3/07/05SUNY Math and Science Partnership Program Presented at Congressional HearingSCOLLARCITY
2/17/05Use of Online Survey and Reporting Tools in Evaluation: CCSSO Workshop with Math-Science Leaders and ResearchersLongitudinal Design
12/03/04Science Facilitator Wins AwardNC-PIMS
12/01/04NSF grant to improve middle school mathGreater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership
11/04/04Teachers gain "real world" lessons: Program builds bridge of math, science skills from classroom to businessSTARK County MSP
11/04/04Math and Science Teachers Take Turn in Business WorldSTARK County MSP
11/04/04Stark teachers become studentsSTARK County MSP
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