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Policy Updates

The staff of MSPnet will continually scan for policy updates pertaining to the MSPs. Sometimes we will provide a compliation and summary of different sources, and other times we will simply provide a link to an outside source.

there are 33 documents in this category.

Sep 28, 2011White House Event on NSF Career-Life Balance Initiative
Feb 08, 2011NSF Director Briefs President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Jan 12, 2011America COMPETES Reauthorization Bill Signed Into Law
Dec 22, 2010House Passes COMPETES Bill and Sends it to the President
Dec 22, 2010Conflicting Missions and Unclear Results: Lessons from the Education Stimulus Funds
Mar 03, 2009FY 2009 Omnibus Funding Bill: National Science Foundation
Feb 19, 2009Policy Update: The Stimulus Act and NSF funding
Jun 26, 2008Senate FY 2009 National Science Foundation Funding Bill
Jun 05, 2008Committee Discusses How to Spark Younger Children's Interest in Math And Science
May 28, 2008Policy Update: Science Education Bill Introduced
Feb 13, 2008FY 2009 Budget Request: National Science Foundation
Dec 20, 2007Policy Update: FY 2008 Budget Bill Gives NSF a 2.5% Increase
Sep 05, 2007Policy Update: House Releases Draft NCLB Plan
Aug 21, 2007Policy Update: President Bush Signs Competitiveness Bill
Aug 09, 2007Policy Update: House and Senate Pass America
May 15, 2007Policy News: House Statement on Math and Science Partnership Programs
May 08, 2007House and Senate Pass NSF Reauthorization Bills
Feb 06, 2007Policy News from AIP: President requests increase in funding for NSF in FY 2008
Jun 20, 2006House Science Committee Passes Education, Research Bills
May 23, 2006Science Committee Members Introduce Bills to Improve Education and Research for Competitiveness
Nov 10, 2005FY 2006 SSJC Appropriations Act Provides a 3% increase for NSF
Aug 30, 2005The Education Report
Jul 12, 2005Excerpt from: FYI -The AIP bulletin of science news
Jul 12, 2005Congressman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) Speech to Business-Higher Education Forum
Jun 16, 2005House Science Committee enthusiastic about MSP program, recommends increase in NSF funding
Mar 30, 2005Congressional Hearings on Proposals for Fiscal Year 2006 Budget
Feb 10, 2005Presidential Budget Proposal 2006
Dec 08, 2004Congressional spending bill reduces funding for NSF
Oct 13, 2004The Senate Appropriations Committee has recommended keeping alive the NSF MSP program, as distinct from the Department of Education's MSP program.
Jul 28, 2004Update on the congressional appropriations process and the potential ramifications for NSF and the MSP program.
Apr 16, 2004Update on the continuing debate over the future of the MSP program and the role of the NSF in K-12 education.
Mar 19, 2004The AIP FYI Bulletin on K-12 Science Education
Feb 19, 2004A summary to date of the implications that the President's proposed budget for FY 2005 poses for the MSP program and for NSF's education division.