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In this forum, MSPnet members can debate opinions related to STEM teaching and learning and to discuss thought-provoking research and articles. We invite you to start new topics within this forum, and we look forward to lively debate. While we anticipate that people will express strongly held views, we are confident that the forum will provide a haven for a diversity of opinions, creating a venue for engaging and respectful dialogue between colleagues. As with all of MSPnet, opinions shared represent those of the contributors and not necessarily those of MSPnet staff or of NSF.
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NGSS So far: Is the hippo dancing? 0 no posts yet
Research and practice 1: Chronic condition 0 no posts yet
Arnes exit 0 no posts yet
When you say technology, what do you mean? 0 no posts yet
ESSAy #2: Teacher qualifications 0 no posts yet
Adding to the blogroll 0 no posts yet
Science Teachers and catastrophe: 3 reflections 0 no posts yet
Micro-credentialing: In which I learn a new buzzword 0 no posts yet
Research&Practice: Best practices 0 no posts yet
Teacher Blog: Mr Barlows Blog 0 no posts yet
Teachers voices over a different channel 0 no posts yet
Waves and fields in ed reform 0 no posts yet
Teacher blog: Colin Purrington 0 no posts yet
Guest post: Engineer schools for equity and integration 0 no posts yet
Pygmalion, Frankenstein, and the rhetoric of reform 0 no posts yet
Teacher blog: Doyle 0 no posts yet
Integrating technology: Some class visits 0 no posts yet
Apples, oranges, and TIMSS 0 no posts yet
GUEST POST: Fostering Engineering Affinity and Identity: 3 views from the 2016 Videohall 0 no posts yet
Good Stuff 0 no posts yet
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