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We provide documents, research reports, and solicitations released by the National Science Foundation that may be of interest to the MSP community. You may also choose to visit the section of the NSF website devoted to the MSP Program.

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6/10/04Audit of NSF's Math and Science Partnership Program and MSP/EHR's response to the reportReport
7/01/04Report on NSF's Merit Review Process, Fiscal Year 2003
7/01/04Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2004
7/08/04Information for Evaluation of Projects Funded by EHR/NSF
10/20/04Third Year of NSF's Math and Science Partnerships to Focus on Teachers
11/22/042005 MSP Learning Network Conference Invitation
7/12/05Press Release 05-107 Joseph Bordogna Resigns from the National Science Foundation
9/13/05After Katrina: A Message from NSF
9/13/05A message from Diane Spresser on the Hurricane Katrina Disaster and its effects on the MSP Program
1/24/06National Science Board 2020 Vision for the National Science Foundation
2/10/06NSF's Math and Science Partnerships Make the Grade
2/14/06NSF Solicitation: Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE)
2/15/06Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Program Solicitation
2/23/06Math Science Partnership Program: Strengthening America by advancing academic achievement in mathematics and science
3/07/06MSP Workshops
4/27/06Information for Prospective PIs of MSP Proposals
5/30/06NSF Current E-Newsletter
8/29/06Wanda E. Ward Named Acting Head of NSF's Education Directorate
9/26/06Cora Marrett to Become Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources at NSF
10/05/06Investing in America's Future: Strategic Plan, 2006-2011
12/07/06NSF Solicitation: Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
12/07/06NSF Solicitation: Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE)
12/07/06NSF Solicitation: Advanced Technological Education (ATE)
1/24/07NSF's Math and Science Partnerships Demonstrate Continued Increases in Student Proficiency
1/30/07Math and Science Partnership Program Impact Report Fact Sheet
1/30/07National Science Foundation Issues Impact Report on Math and Science Partnership Program
2/07/072008 Budget Request for NSF's Education and Human Resources Directorate
2/07/07Press Release: National Science Foundation Requests $6.43 Billion for Fiscal Year 2008
4/23/07Letter from Diane Spresser, April 20, 2007
5/15/07Dr. Daniel P. Maki Assumes Leadership of NSF Math and Science Partnership Program
7/24/07Student Results Show Benefits of Math and Science Partnerships
9/12/07NSF 07-43, Benchmarks of NSF Innovation
10/02/07National Science Board to Release National Action Plan for 21st Century STEM EducationPress Release
1/10/08NSF Solicitation: Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
1/16/08NSF Solicitation: Math and Science Partnership (MSP) January 2008
1/31/082007: Year in Review
4/10/08New Data Show Strong Labor Market for Scientists and Engineers
5/02/08Closing the Achievement Gap in Math and Science
8/12/08Cora Marrett Honored by American Sociological Association
10/29/08NSF Welcomes Twenty-eight New MSP Projects and Three New Program Directors
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