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Exhibit 3 - Principal Investigators For NSF-MSP Grantees

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COMPREHENSIVE: Cohort I        
1. North Carolina Partnership for Improving Math & Science Verna L. Holoman - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
- General Administration Office
8 Executive Director, North Carolina Mathematics & Science Education Network
2. New Jersey Math Science Partnership William Firestone - Rutgers University, New Brunswick
- Graduate School of Education
8 Professor
3. Appalachian Mathematics & Science Partnership Paul Eakin - University of Kentucky
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Professor of Mathematics
4. El Paso Math and Science Partnership Susana Navarro - University of Texas at El Paso
- Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center
9 Executive Director
5. Mathematics and Science Partnership: FOCUS Faculty Outreach Collaborations Uniting Scientists, Students and Schools Ronald Stern - University of California-Irvine
- School of Physical Sciences
8 Dean, School of Physical Sciences, Professor of Mathematics
6. SUPER STEM Education Anne Spence - University of Maryland, Baltimore
- Engineering & Information Tech.
9 Assistant Professor, Engineering and Computer Science
COMPREHENSIVE: Cohort II        
7. System-Wide Change for All Learners and Educators (SCALE) Terrence Millar - University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
- Physical Sciences Graduate School
8 Project Director, Associate Dean for the Physical Sciences Graduate School
8. Puerto Rico Math and Science Partnership Josefina Arce - University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
- School of Arts and Sciences
9 Professor of Chemistry
9. Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics/Science Education (PROM/SE) Joan Ferrini-Mundy - Michigan State University
- Natural Sciences
8 Professor of Teacher Ed. & Mathematics, Associate Dean for Science & Mathematics Ed. in the College of Natural Science, Outreach and Director of the Division of Science & Mathematics Ed.
10. Milwaukee Mathematics Partnerships: Sharing Leadership for Student Success DeAnn Huinker - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
- College of Natural Sciences
9 Director, Center for Mathematics and Science Ed. Research
11. Math and Science Partnership of Southwest Pennsylvania Nancy Bunt - Allegheny Intermediate Unit
- Professional Development and Accountability
N/A Managing Director, Math and Science Collaborative, Carnegie Science Center
12. Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) Jen Kettlewell - University System of Georgia
- Academic and Fiscal Affairs
N/A Associate Vice Chancellor, P-16 Initiatives
TARGETED: Cohort I        
13. Mathematical ACTS Richard Cardullo - University of California-Riverside
- Natural & Agricultural Sciences
8 Professor & Chair, Dept. of Biology
14. Stark County Math and Science Partnership Robert Bayer - Stark County Educational Service Center
- Curriculum and Instruction
N/A Mathematics Consultant
15. Teachers and Scientists Collaborating Gary Ybarra - Duke University
- Pratt School of Engineering
8 Director of Engineering K-Ph.D. Program, Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
16. Vermont Mathematics Partnership Kenneth Gross - University of Vermont
- Engineering and Mathematics
9 Director of Vermont Mathematics Initiative, Professor of Mathematics and Education
17. Cleveland Math and Science Partnership Bill Badders - Cleveland Municipal School District N/A Director of Mathematics and Science Partnerships
18. Alliance for Improvement of Mathematics Skills Lee Sloan - Del Mar College
- Occupational Education and Technology
1 Dean of Occupational Ed. & Tech
19. St. Louis Inner Ring Cooperative: Intervention Case Studies in K-12 Math & Science Edward Macias - Washington University, St. Louis
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Executive Vice Chancellor, Dean of Arts & Sciences
20. Texas Middle and Secondary Mathematics Project Jasper Adams - Stephen F. Austin State University
- Science and Mathematics
11 Chair-Department of Mathematics and Statistics
21. e-Mentoring for Student Success Gerald Wheeler - National Science Teachers Association N/A NSTA Executive Director
23. Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership Daniel Maki - Indiana University, Bloomington
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Chair of Mathematics Department
24. Vertically Integrated Partnerships K-16 Nancy Shapiro - University System of MD †
- Community Psychiatry General
17 Associate Vice Chancellor for Acad. Affairs
25.    PRIME: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Mathematics Education James Parry - Black Hills Special Services Cooperative N/A Director of Technology and Innovations in Education (TIE)
26. Deepening Everyone's Math Content Knowledge: Mathematicians, Teachers, Parents, Students, & Community Judith Fonzi - University of Rochester
- Graduate School of Education and Human Development
8 Assistant Professor, Teaching and Curriculum, Director of Warner Center for Professional Dev. & Ed. Reform
TARGETED: Cohort II        
27. SUNY-Brockport College and Rochester City Math & Science Partnership Osman Yasar - SUNY College of Brockport
- Letters and Science
11 Professor & Chair, Department of Computational Science
28. Revitalizing Algebra Diane Resek - San Francisco State University
- College of Science and Engineering
11 Professor of Mathematics
29. Teachers Assisting Students to Excel in Learning Mathematics David Pagni - California State University, Fullerton Foundation
- College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
11 Professor–Mathematics
30. Focus on Mathematics Glenn Stevens - Boston University
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Professor-Department of Mathematics & Statistics
31. Consortium for Achievement in Mathematics and Science Carlo Parravano - Merck Institute for Science Education N/A Executive Director
32. The Mathematics and Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia F. Joseph Merlino - LaSalle University
- School of Arts and Sciences
10 Director of Greater Philadelphia Science and Mathematics
33. The MSTP Project: Mathematics and Science David Burghardt - Hofstra University
- School of Arts and Sciences
10 Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Department Chair, Engineering
34. The East Alabama Partnership for the Improvement of Mathematics Education W. Gary Martin - Auburn University
- Department of Curriculum and Teaching
9 Professor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching
35. Partnership for Student Success in Science Kurt McMullin - San Jose State University
- Colleges of Engineering and Education
11 Associate Professor of Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics
36. North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership George Nelson - Western Washington University
- Science and Technology
11 Director of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Programs
TARGETED: Cohort III        
37. Boston Science Partnership Hannah Sevian - University of Massachusetts Boston
- Graduate College of Education and College of Science and Mathematics
10 Assistant Professor, Jointly Appointed in Curriculum & Instruction; Department of Chemistry
38. Math & Science Partnership in New York City Pamela Mills - CUNY, Hunter College
- School of Arts and Sciences
11 Professor of Chemistry
39. Project Pathways: A Math and Science Partnership Program for Arizona Targeted Project Track Marilyn Carlson - Center for Research on Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (CRESMET) at Arizona State University
- School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
12 Associate Professor of Mathematics
40. Rocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership Doris Kimbrough - University of Colorado at Denver -School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 8 Associate Professor, Chemistry
41. A Greater Birmingham Partnership: Building Communities of Learners and Leaders in Middle School Mathematics Bernadette Mullins - Birmingham-Southern College
- Science and Mathematics
14 Associate Professor of Mathematics
INSTIITUTE: Cohort II        
42. Institute for Advance Study/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) Phillip Griffiths - Institute for Advance Study
- School of Mathematics
N/A Professor, School of Mathematics
INSTITUTE: Cohort III        
43. The Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute Anne Papkonstantino - William Marsh Rice University
- Weiss School of Natural Science
8 Director of Rice University Mathematics Project, Professor of Mathematics
44. NSF Institute: Preparing Virginia's Mathematics Specialist William Haver - Virginia Commonwealth University a
- Humanities and Sciences
9 Professor, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
45. Standards Mapped Graduate Education and Mentoring Heinz-Otto Peitgen - Florida Atlantic University
- Science
9 Professor of Mathematics and Biomedical Science
46. Univ. of Pennsylvania Science Teachers Institute Hai-Lung Dai - University of Pennsylvania
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Professor of Chemistry
47. The Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science Judah Schwartz - Tufts University
- School of Arts and Sciences
8 Visiting Professor of Ed., Research Professor of Physics and Astronomy
48. Math in the Middle Institute Partnership Jim Lewis - University of Nebraska – Lincoln -School of Arts and Sciences 8 Professor, Department of Mathematics
49. Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute Partnership Thomas Dick - Oregon State University
- School of Education
8 Coordinator of Collegiate Mathematics Education

* Grant No. 22 ended early by mutual agreement.

† Encompasses multiple universities, research institutions, and a system office in Maryland.

** Carnegie Classification Code Legend:1 = Assoc/Pub-R-L: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Large

2 = Assoc/Pub-R-M: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Medium

3 = Assoc/Pub-R-S: Associate's--Public Rural-serving Small

4 = Assoc/Pub-S-MC: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Multicampus

5 = Assoc/Pub-S-SC: Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus

6 = Assoc/Pub-U-MC: Associate's--Public Urban-serving Multicampus

7 = Assoc/Pub-U-SC: Associate's--Public Urban-serving Single Campus

8 = RU/VH: Research Universities (very high research activity)

9 = RU/H: Research Universities (high research activity)

10 = DRU: Doctoral/Research Universities

11 = Master's L: Master's Colleges and Universities (larger programs)

12 = Master's M: Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs)

13 = Master's S: Master's Colleges and Universities (smaller programs)

14 = Bac/A&S: Baccalaureate Colleges--Arts & Sciences

15 = Bac/Diverse: Baccalaureate Colleges--Diverse Fields

16 = Tribal: Tribal Colleges

17 = Unknown

Source: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Carnegie Classifications Data File, May 30, 2006 edition.

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