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MSP Toolbox / Materials

The MSPnet Toolbox contains materials that projects have found particularly useful in their work and that may be adapted for use by other MSP projects. Tools may include curricula ideas, assessment instruments, evaluation protocols, form letters, etc. We look forward to your suggestions for tools that would be most useful to share in this area of the site.

There are 83 Resources.

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3/28/18Why Do Fishermen Need Forests? Developing a Project-Based Learning Unit With an Engaging Driving QuestionArticle
4/18/18What’s in Your School Yard? Using Citizen Science Wildlife Cameras to Conduct Authentic Scientific InvestigationsArticle
5/27/04Web Alignment Tool
9/30/15A Values-Engaged, Educative Approach for Evaluating Education Programs: A Guidebook for PracticeGuide
1/10/05Using State Standards to Scale and Weigh Lessons, Units and Curriculum
4/30/15Toolkit For A Workshop On Building A Culture Of Data UseGuide
1/12/05Time and Effort Reporting Log Template
5/03/07Teacher Qualifications Literature Data Base
2/12/13Teacher Leadership InventoryInstrument
1/10/05Teacher Goals and Self-Assessment Protocol
1/10/05Teacher Belief Survey - Forced Choice "A or B"
8/07/07Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
10/26/05Surveys of Enacted CurriculumInstrument
4/01/09Supporting Student Success Guide
4/18/18Summer Night Sky Citizen Science with Globe at NightArticle
5/15/07Summary of the Development and Use of the Inventory for Teaching and Learning (ITAL) in the External Evaluation of the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)Working Paper
8/05/09STEM Research and Modeling Network (SRMN)
1/16/08STEM Academy Measurement: An Evaluation Tool
4/28/15Speak Out, Listen Up! Tools For Using Student Perspectives And Local Data For School ImprovementGuide
1/28/11Social Network Analysis Survey
6/01/16SIPS Survey and Scoring SheetInstrument
5/03/07A Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Formative and Summative Program Evaluation of a Teacher Education ProgramInstrument
2/17/16Resources For CS Standards and FrameworksCollection of Resources
10/20/16Research-Practice Partnerships Toolkit: How to Create and Sustain Equitable PartnershipsCollection of Resources
8/04/04Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP)
4/18/18Real Science in the Palm of Your Hand: A Framework for Designing and Facilitating Citizen Science in the ClassroomArticle
4/10/07Quality of Mathematics in Instruction Instrument: Video Coding Tool
2/03/16Promoting Research and Innovation in Methodologies for Evaluation (PRIME) Project SummariesCollection of Resources
4/01/09Professional Learning Community Observation Protocol - Reference EditionGuide
1/25/12Professional Development Resource Database
1/12/05Professional Development Planning Matrix 2003-08
3/15/07Professional Development Activity Log
4/30/15Practitioner Data Use In Schools: Workshop ToolkitGuide
5/23/07Partnership Rubric
2/10/16Optimal Design with Empirical Information SoftwareInstrument
8/15/12Opportunities for Learning MathematicsWorkbook
1/05/17Operationalizing the Science Practices Teacher Questionnaire User GuideGuide
8/29/05OMLI Classroom Observation Protocol
7/22/10NebraskaMATH School Staff Social Network Questionnaire
2/10/16National Center for Teacher Effectiveness (NCTE) Student AssessmentInstrument
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