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5/27/04Web Alignment Tool
8/04/04Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP)
1/10/05Teacher Belief Survey - Forced Choice "A or B"
1/10/05Using State Standards to Scale and Weigh Lessons, Units and Curriculum
1/10/05Teacher Goals and Self-Assessment Protocol
1/10/05Math and Science Reform Implementation Index
1/12/05Professional Development Planning Matrix 2003-08
1/12/05Time and Effort Reporting Log Template
1/12/05Grant and Fiscal Year Reconciliation Tool
8/29/05OMLI Classroom Observation Protocol
10/12/05The Cutting Edge Course Design Tutorial
10/26/05Surveys of Enacted CurriculumInstrument
12/27/05The Art of Asking Thought Provoking Questions in the Mathematics ClassroomWorking Paper
7/13/06Institute for Inquiry: Workshops to Introduce Teachers to Inquiry
8/23/06Connecting Geometry Course Materials
1/29/07Faculty Work in Schools
3/15/07Professional Development Activity Log
4/10/07Quality of Mathematics in Instruction Instrument: Video Coding Tool
5/03/07A Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Formative and Summative Program Evaluation of a Teacher Education ProgramInstrument
5/03/07Teacher Qualifications Literature Data Base
5/15/07Summary of the Development and Use of the Inventory for Teaching and Learning (ITAL) in the External Evaluation of the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)Working Paper
5/23/07Partnership Rubric
8/07/07Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
11/26/07Core Elements Involved in Designing, Implementing, and Studying an Improvement ProgramGuide
1/16/08STEM Academy Measurement: An Evaluation Tool
11/10/08Impact Report - October 2008
4/01/09District Action Planning Tool: Improving Science Learning and Teaching
4/01/09Supporting Student Success Guide
4/01/09Professional Learning Community Observation Protocol - Reference EditionGuide
4/07/09Database of Measures of Teachers' Mathematics/Science Content Knowledge
4/07/09Lesson Study Guides, Tools, and Resources
5/21/09LMT Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Sample Items
8/05/09STEM Research and Modeling Network (SRMN)
12/10/09Modern Science Modules
2/24/10Analyzing Change and Sustainability: Exercise Sheet for MSP Projects
7/22/10NebraskaMATH School Staff Social Network Questionnaire
8/05/10MSP-KMD Knowledge Reviews
8/10/10Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) coding tool
11/01/10Chemistry SimulationsCollection of Resources
1/28/11Math Focus Meeting Observation Protocol
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