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8/07/19Balancing Engineering and Science Instruction: Teaching third graders about balanced and unbalanced forcesLesson Plan
5/30/18Engineering Partnerships: How Collaborating With a Scientist Created an Authentic Engineering ProblemLesson Plan
5/23/18Elementary Modeling: Connecting Counting with SharingLesson Plan
4/18/18Real Science in the Palm of Your Hand: A Framework for Designing and Facilitating Citizen Science in the ClassroomArticle
4/18/18What’s in Your School Yard? Using Citizen Science Wildlife Cameras to Conduct Authentic Scientific InvestigationsArticle
4/18/18Summer Night Sky Citizen Science with Globe at NightArticle
4/04/18Elements of Making: A Framework to Support Making in the Science ClassroomArticle
3/28/18Why Do Fishermen Need Forests? Developing a Project-Based Learning Unit With an Engaging Driving QuestionArticle
3/28/18The Activity Summary BoardArticle
3/28/18Composting: A Problem, Place, or Project? Using the PBL Trifecta (PBL3) in the ClassroomArticle
1/31/18Are You Dressed for a Spacewalk? Harnessing Student Interest in Space Exploration to Engage Them in Energy and EngineeringCurriculum Materials
9/12/17CADRE Early Career Guide: Tips for Early Career STEM Education ResearchersGuide
1/05/17Operationalizing the Science Practices Teacher Questionnaire User GuideGuide
11/03/16K–12 Computer Science FrameworkFramework
10/20/16Research-Practice Partnerships Toolkit: How to Create and Sustain Equitable PartnershipsCollection of Resources
10/12/16Engagement Toolkit For Performance Task Writers, Reviewers, And EvaluatorsInstrument
6/01/16SIPS Survey and Scoring SheetInstrument
2/17/16Resources For CS Standards and FrameworksCollection of Resources
2/10/16National Center for Teacher Effectiveness (NCTE) Student AssessmentInstrument
2/10/16Optimal Design with Empirical Information SoftwareInstrument
2/03/16Promoting Research and Innovation in Methodologies for Evaluation (PRIME) Project SummariesCollection of Resources
12/10/15Dividing by Zero: Exploring Null Results in a Mathematics Professional Development ProgramArticle
11/18/15Designing Surveys Using Construct Mapping - HandoutGuide
9/30/15A Values-Engaged, Educative Approach for Evaluating Education Programs: A Guidebook for PracticeGuide
4/30/15Toolkit For A Workshop On Building A Culture Of Data UseGuide
4/30/15Practitioner Data Use In Schools: Workshop ToolkitGuide
4/28/15Speak Out, Listen Up! Tools For Using Student Perspectives And Local Data For School ImprovementGuide
1/07/15Assessing the impact of the MSPs: K–8 Science; Classroom observation protocol: User guideGuide
11/05/14How to Build a Rain BarrelGuide
8/21/14ATLAST Assessments and User ManualsInstrument
8/19/14AIM Assessments and User ManualsInstrument
4/03/14Keyword Classification and Organization for TEAMS WebsiteGuide
3/06/14Briefing Book for the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics EducationReport
3/17/13Closing the Opportunity Gap for Students with Disabilities: Analyzing Alignment of Instruction and Standards in English Language Arts and MathematicsReport
2/19/13MC2-LIFT Cohort 1 BrochureBrochure
2/12/13Teacher Leadership InventoryInstrument
8/15/12Opportunities for Learning MathematicsWorkbook
2/16/12Education R&D Partnership ToolInstrument
1/25/12Building Facility with Numbers: Grade-Level-Appropriate Expectations for Mental Computation
1/25/12Professional Development Resource Database
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