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MSP LNC 2013

Conference Posters

Each NSF MSP Project Attending the LNC will showcase a Project Poster
Each MSP project attending the conference is asked to bring a poster to highlight their work during the poster session. To encourage networking, two project members should be present during the poster session so that one can travel while another remains to discuss the poster. The purpose of this poster session is to encourage interaction between similar projects and to kick-start conversations about emerging findings, implementation issues, strategies, and challenges. Bring handouts and business cards to further networking and foster collaboration.

A poster should include:

  • General introduction to your MSP’s work
  • Constituencies served and subject matter
  • Vision or goals
  • How you are measuring progress
  • Findings and discussion
  • Challenges yet unsolved to discuss with people who visit your poster
Your poster should fit on a board that is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. You should bring your poster with you and set it up Sunday afternoon. In addition, please email a pdf of your poster to with the subject line "poster".

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