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MSP LNC 2012

MSP LNC 2012: Poster Session Information

This year, the LNC will include a poster session as a means of generating considerable dialogue about the intellectual work in which MSPs are engaged related to the conference theme: Framing Effective Teaching in STEM. Each MSP project, including RETA projects, should present a single poster at the LNC. If your institution has more than one MSP project, such as an Institute and a Phase II, please make a separate poster for each project.

The poster session will take place on Monday of the conference (January 23, 2012). Posters should be set up on Sunday night, or on Monday morning, prior to the start of the conference. Each project will have a 4 foot tall by 8 foot wide space to display their poster.

Poster Requirements: Design your poster to communicate what your MSP is learning (which will include voicing your projects goals and outcomes, but also more than that) in a manner that can promote public understanding of your work, but then launch from there to discuss the intellectual contributions of your MSP and the challenges you have encountered in learning about effective STEM teaching. In particular, posters should include:
  • Your MSP project's definition of (assumptions about) what constitutes effective teaching of science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM);
  • Your MSP project's theory of action for the improvement of STEM teaching; that is, your MSP's rationale, based on theory and prior evidence, to justify why you expect the approaches your project is taking to improve STEM teaching would be effective;
  • What you are learning about how your project is encouraging effective teaching in STEM, and your basis for these assertions;
  • What you have found challenging in trying to learn about effective STEM teaching; and
  • A brief bibliography (2-5 references) of published work where others can learn more about your MSP, what you are learning about effective STEM teaching, and/or the theoretical foundations and prior evidence supporting your MSPs stance toward effective teaching in STEM.
Online Poster Session to be held in March
This year we will have an interactive poster session online which will take place in March on MSPnet. This event will be open to the entire MSP community.We anticipate that all posters presented at the LNC conference will be represented in the online event. Each poster will be accompanied by a 3 minute audio introduction uploaded by the presenter. Alll members of the community will be invited to discuss the posters and selected discussants from the community will provide summary comments at the end.

If you are presenting a poster at the LNC conference, you will be able to use the same poster for the online event. Here are some tips for creating your poster which will make it more compatible for both face-to-face and online viewing.
  • Use commonly available fonts only with a minimum font size of 24 points. We recommend Arial, Georgia, Impact, Lucida, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, and Verdana.
  • Check that your poster is legible when printed out on an 11" x 17" paper.
  • When you include a chart created in Excel, create a screen shot of that chart then insert the image of that chart into your poster. Do not embed the Excel chart directly into your poster. Embedded charts will make your poster very slow to load and display, resulting in a not pleasant experience for users examining your poster.
  • Compress your images to insure that poster file size is less than 5 MB before uploading it for the online event.
More information will be forthcoming about the Interactive poster session.