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MSP LNC 2012

MSP Learning Network Conference 2012: Conference Information

Framing Effective Teaching in STEM

January 22-24 2012
Renaissance Washington Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Main meeting: January 23rd 8:30 am - January 24th 2:00 pm.
The main meeting will begin on the morning of Monday, January 23rd, at 8:30 am, and will conclude approximately 2:00 pm on Tuesday, January 24th.

Registering for the conference: Online Conference Registration will be announced soon and will be live on MSPnet. Up to five members from each NSF Comprehensive, Institute, Phase II and Targeted Partnership project, four members from each MSP-Start, and two members from each RETA project are invited to attend. Each four- or five-member team should include at least the PI, a K-12 administrator or teacher leader, a STEM faculty member, and an evaluator.

Required pre-meeting for the PIs of new projects: January 22nd, 2:00 pm.
A required meeting for those receiving their awards during the 2011 calendar year will be held on Sunday, January 22nd, starting at 2:00 pm. This pre-conference meeting offers an opportunity for new MSP projects to learn about programmatic features common to all MSP projects. These include annual reporting, fiduciary reporting, and participant reporting as well as resources such as the Knowledge Management and Dissemination (KMD) and the Math Science Partnership Network (MSPnet,

Technical assistance session: January 22nd, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
There will be an all-day (approx. 9:00-5:00) technical assistance session on Sunday, January 22, with journal editors and conference organizers, on publishing papers that derive from LNC abstracts in special issues of peer-reviewed mathematics and science education journals. MSP projects that have submitted abstracts will be invited to send two members of their project teams to this session. Further details will be available on MSPnet in mid-November.