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MSP LNC 2011

MSP Learning Network Conference 2011

Poster Instructions

This year, the LNC will include a poster session as a means of generating dialogue, particularly between veteran and new projects. Every MSP project, including RETA projects, will present a single poster at the LNC this year. All posters should include four quadrants:
1) Brief description of your projects definition of "student success."
2) Brief description (or depiction) of your projects research design related to student success.
3) Related to student success, what challenges, including unanticipated ones, has your project overcome, how did you do so, and what challenges remain ahead? What questions does your project have about student success?
4) What are the roles of your projects partners (including STEM faculty, K-12 districts, education faculty, evaluators) related to student success?
A poster session will take place on Monday. You are also encouraged to bring handouts on standard sized paper of a miniature version of your poster, to offer to visitors to your poster. Posters should be set up on Sunday night, or on Monday morning prior to the start of the conference. Information about logistics of the poster session will be posted on MSPnet. You will also be asked to submit your poster on MSPnet after the conference.
All MSP Projects are requested to provide a poster. The posters will be up for viewing from Monday, January 24th at 8:30am to Tuesday, January 25th at noon.

Important Rules and Poster Guidelines

  1. Posters should be no larger than 7.5' w x 3.5' h. You will have one side of an 8' (width) x 4' (high) poster board display.
  2. Posters may be affixed to the poster boards with either Velcro or pins. The appropriate materials to ensure the poster is properly secured will be provided.
  3. The Poster Hall will be in a non-secured space, and therefore no posters or displays requiring electronic connections or displaying computer equipment or expensive/ irreplaceable materials can be admitted to the session. Feel free to bring a spare poster as a back-up.
  4. Posters may be set-up on Sunday, January 23rd from 1:30pm - 6:30pm. The person responsible for the poster must take down the display by noon on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Presenters should identify themselves at registration in order to receive their space assignment information.
  5. You may ship your poster to the hotel. If you choose to ship your poster, presenters will be responsible to do so to and from The Renaissance Washington Hotel. Materials sent to the hotel should arrive no earlier than Thursday, January 20, 2011. All poster session materials should be addressed to:

    The Renaissance Washington Hotel
    ATTENTION: Maja Ferrari, Event Manager
    NSF MSP LNC 2011
    HOLD FOR GUEST: [Your Name]
    999 Ninth Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20001

    All boxes should be prominently marked with "Poster Session/NSF MSP Meeting" with the name of your organization and the name of the person responsible for setting up/taking down the display.

    The participant is responsible for ensuring that their poster arrives in time for the poster session and undamaged. The National Science Foundation, AEIO, LLC and The Renaissance Washington Hotel cannot be held accountable for the posters (non-) arrival or condition at any point before, during or after the NSF MSP Meeting.
  6. You will be allowed to ship boxes to and from the hotel, as long as you have a shipping account number or credit card. You may drop off your package to the Concierge's Desk once you have filled out the appropriate shipping labels. All shipping sent through the Business Center will be charged a handling fee. For more details, please contact the Shipping and Receiving department or the Concierge at the hotel.