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MSP LNC 2011

Paper Session Presentations: Institute MSPs

STRAND 1: Definitions of and research designs related to student success
Connecting the Pieces: Methodology for Developing Student Achievement Trajectories from Different Instruments
Jennifer L. Green, Wendy M. Smith
Math in the Middle Institute Partnership
Culture in the Math Classroom: A Path to Improving Student Success
Tonya Bartell, Jodie Novak, Frieda Parker
Mathematics Teacher Leadership Center
A First Attempt at Examining the Relationship between Student Success and Teachers' Participation in a Virtual Professional Learning Environment (PLE)
Yong Zeng, Dave Mattson, Edee Norman Wiziecki
Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
Student Success as a Function of Entrepreneurial Teacher Leadership in STEM Teaching and Learning: A Working Model
Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, Janet S. Gaffney, Raymond Price, Jeanne Koehler, Anita M. Martin
EnLiST -Entrepreneurial Leadership in STEM Teaching and learning
Teacher Change and Student Learning: What Works?
Yue Li, Jane Butler Kahle, Constance Blasie
University of Pennsylvania Science Teachers Institutes (PennSTI)
A TIME for Freshman Physics in Missouri
Meera Chandrasekhar, Deborah Hanuscin, Keith S. Murray
A TIME for Freshman Physics in Missouri
STRAND 2: The use of student data to inform and refine MSP work
Action or Research? The Purpose of Action Research in Professional Development
William McCallum, Steven Martinez, Rebecca McGraw, Cody Patterson, Paul Seidler
Arizona Teacher Institute
Data Visualization to Assess Interventions to Improve STEM Learning in K-12
James J. Madden
Louisiana Math and Science Teacher Institute
Effect of the Level of Transfer from Teacher Professional Development on Student Learning
Phyllis Balcerzak, Victoria May
Washington University Life Sciences Teacher Institutes: Education for a Global Community
Impact of MSP-prepared Mathematics Specialists on Middle School Instruction and Student Success
Aimee Ellington, William Haver
Mathematics Specialists in Middle School
MC2-LIFT: Teaming to Design Engaged Learning in Mathematics for Teachers and Their Students
Wanda Bulger-Tamez, Doug Kurtz, Cathy Kinzer, Sara Morales, Patrick Morandi
Mathematically Connected Communities - Leadership Institute for Teachers
Student Achievement and the Participation of Rural High School Chemistry Teachers in a Multi-Year Professional Development Program with Special Emphasis on the Use of Computational Tools
Edee Norman Wiziecki, Lizanne DeStefano, Elisa Mustari
Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS)
Student-Centered Teaching, Teacher Leadership Development and Student Success: The Mathematics Teacher Transformation Institute
Serigne Gningue, Roger Peach, Suzanne Libfeld
Mathematics Teacher Transformation Institutes
Teachers' Professionalism, Students' Achievement, and Systemic Change
Ngozi Kamau, Ann McCoy, Anne Papaknstantinou, Richard Parr
Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute