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MSP LNC 2011

A First Attempt at Examining the Relationship between Student Success and Teachers' Participation in a Virtual Professional Learning Environment (PLE)


In this presentation, authors examine innovative ways to understand if there is a relationship between student success and their teachers' yearlong participation in a technology-mediated professional learning environment (PLE). Initial data analyses indicate a strong relationship between teachers who have contributed to a high percentage of discussion threads during the year, and their students' achievement as measured by a standardized Chemistry test. These initial analyses find a linear relationship (p=.002) exists between students' (n=1422) learning gains and their teachers' (n=40) level of participation in the ICLCS professional learning environment. Authors will discuss how they are mining data in the PLE to better understand how online environments, such as the one being used in the ICLCS, can positively impact teachers and students.