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6/30/11Successful K-12 STEM Education: Identifying Effective Approaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathematicsCommittee on Highly Successful Schools or Programs in K-12 STEM Education, National Research CouncilThe National Academies PressBook2011
6/23/11Connecting the Pieces: Methodology for Developing Student Achievement Trajectories from Different InstrumentsJennifer L. Green, Walt Stroup, Wendy Smith, Ruth Heaton2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/23/11Enhancing Teaching to Enhance Learning in 9th Grade PhysicsMeera Chandrasekhar, Deborah Hanuscin, Keith Murray2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/23/11Are Teacher Effects Larger in Small Classes?Spyros Konstantopoulos, Min Sun24th International Congress for School Effectiveness and...Conference Paper2010
6/23/11The consistency of class size effects: A meta-analytic approachSpyros KonstantopoulosSociety for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE...Conference Paper2010
6/23/11Do Reductions in Class Size Raise Students' Test Scores? Evidence from Population Variation in Minnesota's Elementary SchoolsHyunkuk Cho, Paul Glewwe, Melissa WhitlerUniversity of MinnesotaArticle2010
6/23/11Class Size: What Research Says and What it Means for State PolicyGrover J. "Russ" Whitehurst, Matthew M. ChingosThe Brookings InstitutionReport2011
6/15/11Teacher Change and Student Learning: What Works?Yue Li, Jane Butler Kahle, Constance Blasie, Kate Scantlebury2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/15/11Student Success as a Function of Entrepreneurial Teacher Leadership in STEM Teaching and Learning: A Working ModelFouad Abd-El-Khalick, Jan Gaffney, Raymond Price, Jeanne Koehler, Anita Martin2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/15/11Education and Certification Qualifications of Departmentalized Public High School-Level Teachers of Core Subjects: Evidence From the 2007-08 and Staffing SurveyJason G. HillNational Center on Education StatisticReport2011
6/15/11Transforming High Schools: Performance Systems for Powerful TeachingMariana HaynesAlliance for Excellent EducationReport2011
6/15/11Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education ReformMarc S. TuckerThe National CenterĀ on EducationĀ and the EconomyReport2011
6/09/11Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th GradeMathematica Policy Research, What Works ClearinghouseInstitute of Education SciencesReport2010
6/09/11Using assessments for instructional improvement: A Literature ReviewViki M. Young, Debbie H. KimEducation Policy Analysis Archives Vol. 18 No...Peer-Reviewed Article2010
6/09/11Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings After the Second Year of ImplementationElizabeth Warner, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional AssistanceInstitute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department...Report2011
6/09/11Designing PLCs for Enhancing Student Success: What Do We Know and How Can We Learn More?Iris Weiss, Barbara Miller, Joan Pasley2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/09/11Student Success in Student Success in the BSP: Eight Years of Data, Evaluation and ResearchRobert Chen, Jennifer Dorsen, Arthur Eisenkraft, Joan Karp, Abigail Levy, Elizabeth Osche, Pamela Pelletier, Allison Scheff, Christos Zahopoulos2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Scaling up successful strategies from a previous Targeted NSF-MSPDavid Pagni, Dianne DeMille2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Evaluating Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Using TKASGeoffrey Phelps2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Impact of MSP-prepared Mathematics Specialists on Middle School Instruction and Student SuccessAimee Ellington, Bill Haver2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Putting Data into PracticeBill TuckerEducation SectorReport2010
6/01/11Follow-up Analysis: Improving Middle Grades Math PerformanceEdSourceReport2011
6/01/11Gaining Ground in the Middle Grades: Why Some Schools Do BetterEdSourceReport2010
6/01/11The Condition of Education 2011U.S. Dept of EducationReport2011
5/26/11Performance Counts: Assessment Systems that Support High Quality LearningLinda Darling-HammondCouncil of Chief State School OfficersReport2010
5/25/11Identifying and Measuring Factors Related to Student Learning: The Promise and Pitfalls of Teacher Instructional LogsSean Smith, Keith Esch2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
5/25/11Effect of the Level of Transfer from Teacher Professional Development on Student LearningPhyllis Balcerzak, Victoria May, Carl Hanssen2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
5/25/11Evaluating Short-Term Impacts on Student Achievement: What Does Student Motivation and Reflection Tell Us?Elise Arruda Laorenza, Stephanie Feger, Joye Whitney2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
5/25/11Next Generation Assessments for Measuring Complex Learning in ScienceJody Clarke-Midura, Chris Dede, Jill NortonThe Road Ahead for State AssessmentsReport2011
5/25/11Strengthening Assessment for English Learner Success: How Can the Promise of the Common Core Standards and Innovative Assessment Systems Be Realized?Robert LinquantiThe Road Ahead for State Assessments, Policy...Report
5/25/11Computerized Adaptive Assessment (CAA): The Way ForwardMark D. ReckaseThe Road Ahead for State AssessmentsReport2011
5/19/11Learning to Teach for the Success of Underserved StudentsMark Thames, Laurie Sleep, Hyman Bass, Deborah Loewenberg Ball2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
5/19/11The POPS Pilot Study - Can We Encourage More Girls to Study the Physical Sciences?Kurtis Fletcher, Kathryn Rommel-Esham, Dori Farthing, Amy Sheldon, Eliot Levine2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
5/19/11A Cross-Country Exploration of Math-Related Learning in the United States, England, and Singapore: Parent Perceptions and Practices Regarding Math Education During the Middle School YearsLia Schultz, Eric Bassett, Tim Mann, Claire Arena, Paul KimRaytheon CompanyReport2010
5/19/11Planting the Seeds for a Diverse U.S. STEM Pipeline: A Compendium of Best Practice K-12 STEM Education ProgramsBayer CorporationReport2010
5/19/11The 2010 User-Friendly Handbook for Project EvaluationJoy Frechtling, Melvin M. Mark, Debra J. Rog, Veronica Thomas, Henry Frierson, Stafford Hood, Gerunda Hughes, Elmima JohnsonWestatReport2010
5/11/11Digest of Education Statistics, 2010Thomas D. Snyder, Sally A. DillowNCESReport2011
5/11/11State High School Tests: Exit Exams and Other AssessmentsShelby DietzCenter on Education PolicyReport2010
5/09/11Teacher Leader Model StandardsTeacher Leadership Exploratory ConsortiumTeacher Leadership Exploratory ConsortiumArticle2011
5/04/11Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: Summary of Two WorkshopsPlanning Committee on Evidence on Selected Innovations in Undergraduate STEM EducationNational Research CouncilReport2011
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