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8/17/11Learning to Practice: The Design of Clinical Experience in Teacher PreparationPam GrossmanThe Partnership for Teacher QualityWorking Paper2010
8/04/11The Use of New York State Regents Exams to Guide MSPinNYC Decision-Making to Build an Effective Model of the Urban STEM ClassroomsSarah Bonner, Leslie Keiler, Pamela Mills2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
8/04/11Using Learning Progression Frameworks and Assessments to Guide Research and Professional DevelopmentCharles W. Anderson, John Moore, Alan Berkowitz, Ali Whitmer2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
8/04/11Learning Progressions: Supporting Instruction and Formative AssessmentMargaret HeritageCouncil of Chief State School OfficersWorking Paper2008
8/04/11It's Not a Matter of Time: Highlights from the 2011 Competency-Based Learning SummitChris Sturgis, Susan Patrick, Linda PittengerCouncil of Chief State OfficersReport2011
8/04/11Technology and Communications Coursework: Facilitating the Progression of Students with Learning Disabilities Through High School Science and Math CourseworkDara Shifrer, Rebecca CallahanJournal of Special Education TechnologyPeer-Reviewed Article2010
7/20/11Rethinking Scale: Moving Beyond Numbers to Deep and Lasting ChangeCynthia E. CoburnEducational Researcher, Vol. 32, No. 6, pp...Peer-Reviewed Article2003
7/20/11Common Core State Standards for MathematicsNational Governors Association Center for Best PracticesReport2010
7/20/11Public School Graduates and Dropouts from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2008-09Robert Stillwell, Jennifer Sable, Chris PlottsNational Center for Education StatisticsReport2011
7/20/11Restructuring Resources for High-Performing Schools: A Primer for State PolicymakersKaren Hawley Miles, Karen Baroody, Elliot RegensteinEducation Resource StrategiesWorking Paper2011
7/20/11A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core IdeasCommittee on Conceptual Framework for the New K-12 Science Education Standards, National Research CouncilThe National Academies PressBook2012
7/07/11PRISM Phase II: Linking Culture, Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Change Processes to Student Learning and AchievementChad Ellett, Judith Monsaas, Kadir Demir, Lisa Martin-Hansen, Judy Awong-Taylor, Charles Kutal, Nancy Vandergrift2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
7/07/11The Role of STEM Teacher-Leaders in Student SuccessKimberly Childs, Keith Hubbard, Lesa Beverly, Thomas Judson, Meagan Hensley2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
7/07/11Achievement Gaps: How Hispanic and White Students in Public Schools Perform in Mathematics and Reading on the National Assessment of Educational ProgressF. Cadelle Hemphill, Alan Vanneman, Taslima RahmanNational Center for Education StatisticsReport2011
7/07/11Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: America's Science and Technology Talent at the CrossroadsCommittee on Underrepresented Groups and the Expansion of the Science and Engineering Workforce Pipeline, Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy, Policy and Global Affairs; National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of MedicineThe National Academies PressBook2011
7/07/11STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: From Good Teachers to Great TeachingKathleen Fulton, Ted BrittonNCTAF, WestEdReport2011
7/07/11STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: A Knowledge SynthesisKathleen Fulton, Hanna Doerr Doerr, Ted BrittonNCTAF, WestEdReport2010
6/30/11Creating Awareness of the Importance of Science and Mathematics: The Georgia PRISM Public Awareness CampaignRosalind Barnes Fowler, Judith Monsaas2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/30/11Student Achievement and the Participation of Rural High School Chemistry Teachers in a Multi-Year Professional Development Program with Special Emphasis on the Use of Computational ToolsEdee Wiziecki, Lizanne Destefano, Elisa Mustari2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/30/11Recruiting, Training and Supporting a 21st Century Teaching ProfessionSusan K. SclafaniInternational Summit on the Teaching ProfessionConference Paper2011
6/30/11Improving Teacher Quality Around the World: The International Summit on the Teaching ProfessionVivien StewartThe Asia Society in collaboration with the...Report2011
6/30/11Successful K-12 STEM Education: Identifying Effective Approaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathematicsCommittee on Highly Successful Schools or Programs in K-12 STEM Education, National Research CouncilThe National Academies PressBook2011
6/23/11Connecting the Pieces: Methodology for Developing Student Achievement Trajectories from Different InstrumentsJennifer L. Green, Walt Stroup, Wendy Smith, Ruth Heaton2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/23/11Enhancing Teaching to Enhance Learning in 9th Grade PhysicsMeera Chandrasekhar, Deborah Hanuscin, Keith Murray2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/23/11Are Teacher Effects Larger in Small Classes?Spyros Konstantopoulos, Min Sun24th International Congress for School Effectiveness and...Conference Paper2010
6/23/11The consistency of class size effects: A meta-analytic approachSpyros KonstantopoulosSociety for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE...Conference Paper2010
6/23/11Do Reductions in Class Size Raise Students' Test Scores? Evidence from Population Variation in Minnesota's Elementary SchoolsHyunkuk Cho, Paul Glewwe, Melissa WhitlerUniversity of MinnesotaArticle2010
6/23/11Class Size: What Research Says and What it Means for State PolicyGrover J. "Russ" Whitehurst, Matthew M. ChingosThe Brookings InstitutionReport2011
6/15/11Teacher Change and Student Learning: What Works?Yue Li, Jane Butler Kahle, Constance Blasie, Kate Scantlebury2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/15/11Student Success as a Function of Entrepreneurial Teacher Leadership in STEM Teaching and Learning: A Working ModelFouad Abd-El-Khalick, Jan Gaffney, Raymond Price, Jeanne Koehler, Anita Martin2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/15/11Education and Certification Qualifications of Departmentalized Public High School-Level Teachers of Core Subjects: Evidence From the 2007-08 and Staffing SurveyJason G. HillNational Center on Education StatisticReport2011
6/15/11Transforming High Schools: Performance Systems for Powerful TeachingMariana HaynesAlliance for Excellent EducationReport2011
6/15/11Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education ReformMarc S. TuckerThe National CenterĀ on EducationĀ and the EconomyReport2011
6/09/11Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th GradeMathematica Policy Research, What Works ClearinghouseInstitute of Education SciencesReport2010
6/09/11Using assessments for instructional improvement: A Literature ReviewViki M. Young, Debbie H. KimEducation Policy Analysis Archives Vol. 18 No...Peer-Reviewed Article2010
6/09/11Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings After the Second Year of ImplementationElizabeth Warner, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional AssistanceInstitute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department...Report2011
6/09/11Designing PLCs for Enhancing Student Success: What Do We Know and How Can We Learn More?Iris Weiss, Barbara Miller, Joan Pasley2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/09/11Student Success in Student Success in the BSP: Eight Years of Data, Evaluation and ResearchRobert Chen, Jennifer Dorsen, Arthur Eisenkraft, Joan Karp, Abigail Levy, Elizabeth Osche, Pamela Pelletier, Allison Scheff, Christos Zahopoulos2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Scaling up successful strategies from a previous Targeted NSF-MSPDavid Pagni, Dianne DeMille2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
6/01/11Evaluating Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Using TKASGeoffrey Phelps2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
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