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The Math and Science Partnership Network

MSPnet is an electronic community that serves NSF's MSP and STEM+C programs.
It welcomes all educators and researchers interested in improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

The majority of resources generated by NSF projects are available to the public at large and we invite you to visit our library, join MSPnet Academy webinars and sign-up for our newsletter. Members of funded MSP, CE21 and STEM+C projects are encouraged to log-in and make use of Project Spaces for collaboration.


Teacher Development and Seventh Graders’ Achievement on Representing and Solving Equations, Sheree T. Sharpe, Analucia D. Schliemann, The Poincare Institute: A Partnership for Mathematics Education, The Mathematics Enthusiast, 2017.
Decentering: A Construct to Analyze and Explain Teacher Actions as They Relate to Student Thinking, Dawn Teuscher, Kevin C. Moore, Marilyn P. Carlson, Project Pathways: A Math and Science Partnership Program for Arizona Targeted Project Track, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 2015.


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Middle School Teachers’ Use of Mathematics to Make Sense of Student Solutions to Proportional Reasoning Problems, Erik Jacobson, Joanne Lobato, et al., International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. August 2017

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Knowledge of curriculum embedded mathematics: exploring a critical domain of teaching, Janine Remillard, Ok-Kyeong Kim, Educational Studies in Mathematics. September 2017

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Forms of Knowledge of Advanced Mathematics for Teaching, Julianna Connelly Stockton, Nicholas H. Wasserman, The Mathematics Enthusiast. 2017

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