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Discussion Forum Overview

Ask the Community

We invite practitioners, administrators, and higher-ed faculty from the MSP community to use this forum to pose questions growing out of their work, research and other areas of concern they wish to see addressed. See all 14 forum topics

Opinions Worth Debating

In this forum, MSPnet members can debate opinions related to STEM teaching and learning and to discuss thought-provoking research and articles. See all 136 forum topics

MSPnet Academy Discussions

The MSPnet Academy series of webinars provides a venue for MSP leaders to present to the broader MSP Community; recordings and online conversations for these presentations can be found here. See all 36 forum topics

Integrating STEM+C

This forum invites your participation in discussions related to the integration of computational thinking into multiple STEM disciplines.
See all 8 forum topics

Research and Evaluation

This forum will provide a space for discussing details of supporting project evaluation and project implementation. At this time the discussion will focus on using logic models and theories of action. See all 8 forum topics