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Topic: "MSPnet Academy: Effective Professional Development: A STEM Education Imperative"

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June 18 - July 2, 2014

Overview: This webinar will share findings from the 2012 National Survey for Science and Mathematics Education that highlight the need for well-designed professional development to ensure students experience effective instruction in STEM subjects. Key principles of effective professional development design, based on research and the collective experiences of expert practitioners, will be described.

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Welcome to the discussion

posted by: Eric Banilower on 6/19/2014 6:11 am

Welcome to the discussion. We will be checking in frequently during the next two weeks to facilitate the conversation.
If you missed the webinar you are still invited to take part. Please watch the webinar recording that will be made available.
We look forward to a rich dialogue,

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Effective Professional Development

posted by: Joan Pasley on 6/19/2014 9:12 am

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the webinar, Effective Professional Development: A STEM Education Imperative. During the webinar, we presented a number of key principles for designing effective professional development for STEM teachers. What principles would you add to that list based on your experiences designing, leading, or participating in PD?

Key Principles

posted by: Betsy Stefany on 6/20/2014 4:48 pm

Thanks for a great webinar. I especially appreciated the tone of open thinking represented the slide that began with "the Reality". As often as we hear the term STEM it is easier to express as a term or philosophy than to roll up sleeves and put it into action. I appreciate hearing more of the reality as it truly helps build the trust to discuss the topic.

I am enjoying the process of STEM integration and listening felt validated by the findings that you stated. The process of integrating STEM is challenging yet so compelling once involved that it merits the first uncertain steps. To your list I would add:

-develop a vehicle to engage in constructive exploration of ideas.

This point is exactly what an online discussion is intended to achieve however there are other pieces and parts along the way to an online discussion that merit notice as they give meaning to the words "develop" and "constructive" in the above suggestion. I realized that there are many forms and subtle methods involved that prepare us to share in this type of forum. Has anyone who also listened to the webinar also been working to build online connections into their STEM projects?

Integrated STEM

posted by: Eric Banilower on 6/24/2014 12:12 pm

Thanks Betsy, that's a nice addition to the list. Your post makes me wonder what the affordances and challenges are for PD design and implementation when tackling integrated STEM rather than just a single subject like science or mathematics? It would be great to hear what approaches people have tried and what advice they would give others.