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Event: MSP Evaluation Summit Pre-Sessions

Sep 14, 2005

Radisson Hotel Metrodome
615 Washington Avenue S. E.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The primary audience for the conference includes the MSP network of principal investigators, evaluators, and RETA researchers.

Two pre-sessions will be conducted on Wednesday, September 14, for those who are seeking an in-depth study of the topics. The topic of one pre-session will be on Using Evidence to Effect Systems Change in Complex Organizations. This session will be facilitated by Michael Quinn Patton, a leading evaluation authority and author of several books on evaluation design. A concurrent pre-session will cover statistical models and HLM for the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. This session will be facilitated by Rob Meyer, an economist and statistician with the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research who has developed innovative methods for assessing impact of large-scale education initiatives.

For more information on the MSP Evaluation Summit, and to register for the conference and/or the pre-sessions, click the link below:


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Jun 22, 2005

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